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In/Spectre Episode 6 Review — 100 Word Anime

In/Spectre offers a few delighting moments this week as its plot thickens. Irina and I discuss the latest happenings in the case of Steel Lady Nanase. via In/Spectre Episode 6 Review — 100 Word Anime Karandi and I are enjoying the In/Spectre journey and it would be great to have you along! Like by following that...


In/Spectre Episode 5 Review — Gallery

We finally get Saki, Kuro and Kotoko together as the mystery behind the ghost idol is revealed. Now we’re left wondering what the characters will do about it. 9 more words via In/Spectre Episode 5 Review — 100 Word Anime Are you watching  In/Spectre? I don’t hear that much about it and I think that’s too...


In/Spectre Episode 4 Review — Gallery

The mystery of the dead idol continues with Kotoko having a heart to heart with Kuro’s ex and some basic investigation going on. Join Irina and I as we discuss the latest happenings. via In/Spectre Episode 4 Review — 100 Word Anime Are you watching In/Spectre? It’s fun! You should see what Karandi and I had...