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Given Episode 9 – Resolution – Gallery

Karandi and I don’t often agree on anime, so when we do, you know it’s special! Heck we even disagree on this week’s episode of Given. Not the big picture but the details vary. Want to see what I’m talking about, you can check out our review on 100 Word Anime. Given has solid but...


Given Episode 8 – Chorus – Gallery

Most shows falter at some point. When you think back on the series as a whole, you remember it as one big story that you love or hate or are indifferent to. But when you review it episode by episode you can see the ups and downs. Find those weak spots.Did Karandi and I finally...


Given Episode 6 – Tritone – Gallery

For me, Given is well and truly on a roll. I have been living in fear of it getting painful or overly dramatic and it manages to be undeniably painful but in a pleasant way. That doesn’t make much sense, does it. I might explain it a little better in my episode review with Karandi....