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Although I’m not crazy enough to try to convince anyone else to watch the show, I think it’s getting better and since I’m the last man standing, no one can contradict me! HAHAHA, the power is going to my head.

If you have some curiosity about what’s happening in Pat but not enough to watch an episode, you can scroll through a bunch of screen caps instead! YAY

I’ve mentioned it before but I really like the effect of sunlight filtering through three branches in anime. I’m not sure why but it’s one of my favourite lighting tricks and I always love seeing it in a scene. This one is particularly impressive with the sense of direction and depth in the image.

As you can see the episode jumped around a lot between Satoru and Tsukasa. Because Satoru is in a bar and then a hotel room, you don’t really see time go by so it was fun to see the outdoor scenes with Tsukasa gradually get darker and darker each time we cut back to him.

I guess I really had a thing about the light in this episode.

I also like Jin’s design. It’s unusual and striking.

One of the things I am really going to give credit to the character designers for, is their aging ups and aging down of characters. I really like it. It’s a bit more subtle than the usual trick of making characters shorter, eyes proportionately bigger and rounding off features. You see a little how skin droops and sags with time giving slightly different shapes to eyes and jowls.  Eyebrows change shape after years of facial expressions. It’s a few little things like that added on to the usual effects that make it really look like an aging character rather than just a growing one.

And there’s still a fish! All’s good.

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