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Demon Slayer’s Wisteria Hysteria (Countdown to Halloween)

Because I read my comments, I do know that a fair bit of you aren’t exactly fans of Demon Slayer as an anime. In fact, the comments would lead me to believe that most of you really disliked the series and dropped it early on. But today I’m not really going to talk about the...


Are Otaku The Worst?

Hello everyone, welcome to my storytime! Some of you might remember this post from when I published it on Karandi’s blog. I’m repurposing my old essays for those that didn’t get a chance to read them then. I hope you enjoy it!


Reinserting Fun in my Anime Watching

For newer fans and some older fans as well, it’s difficult to imagine how someone’s passion for anime could ever fade. How could anyone get fed up with anime – there’s an unlimited amount and it’s entirely made up of cool… I feel you. It has been my entertainment of choice for years now and...


Why do I Watch Anime?

I think I’ve written at least half a dozen variations on why I started to blog about anime but I’ve never really tackled the question of why I watch anime in the first place. Not really. I’ve spoken about certain elements I like about the medium but never in great detail. There’s a reason for...


Anime Characters that Only Work on Paper

I have been watching an anime recently and thinking to myself, this would be great if it weren’t for the characters… Le sigh… That’s not exactly a flaw that’s easy to sweep under the rug. It reminded me of Demon Slayer. Not that the animes have anything in common. However, if I remember well, most...


Are Pink Haired Anime Girls Either Airheads or Evil ?

This is not a serious post you guys. Don’t get upset and start valiantly protecting your favourite pink-haired waifu or anything. I quite like pink-haired girls both in and out of anime myself. But I had this random thought and I wanted to share it. I once wrote a weird and very silly post about...


Anime Rivals, Antagonists and Villains

And somehow this became a history of the Sports! anime genre… I’m pretty sure that people who take classes in creative writing, i.e. people who are not me, are told that stories need conflict. That’s a fairly old fashion view that isn’t true in all cases and they probably also say that in the classes....


I Just Wanna Talk About Tsukumogami

It’s what it says on the can folks.. It’s been a while since I took the time to write about Yokai and I just got a hankering for it all the sudden. By sheer coincidence, OWLS is doing folklore in honour of the Taylor Swift album as a theme this month and Yokai is one...


How Could Anyone Like That Anime?

Sometimes with anime fans you’re damn if you do and you’re damned if you don’t… There are animes that I just don’t enjoy that much. It’s just not my thing. It happens. But depending on the series, there are certain shows where fans have gotten very aggressive when I mention I don’t like it. This...