The Forgotten Charms of the Fandub

English versions of anime have gotten exponentially better over the past few years. The quality of English language voice acting is almost incomparable to what it was, making it possible to watch dubbed anime without loosing anything in the experience. The difference is really remarkable. Similarly, subtitles have come a long way. Sure, you still more

Questionable Priorities

In a perfect world, anime would be all things. It would be beautiful to look at and mesmerizing to listen to. It would be deep, meaningful and incisive while relaxing and escapist and of course always interesting. It would be attractive but not creepy and just the right type of funny. In a perfect world more

Tell Me I’m Good

This is a little embarrassing to talk about, so don’t tell anyone ok? Sometimes, not that often but still, I seek validation through my blog. Like when I’m having a really cr*ppy day and everything is going wrong, I find comfort in a supportive comment even if I’m not sure how sincere it is at more

The Importance of Frivolity

Boy some of you guys sure are smart, and witty, and you know big words and stuff…My reader feed gets regularly populated by deeply insightful academic dissertation of my favorite animes or topical parsings of the elements of a particular genre. Keep it up! It’s really fascinating, and I appreciate the enormous amount of work more