Seigi’s run into an old senpai he admires from middle school and so the story begins. Irina and Karandi discuss the latest happenings on The Case Files of Jeweler Richard.

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I actually really liked this episode of Jeweler Richard. If you want to know exactly why and if you want to know what Karandi thought about it please do click the link above.

PS – I don’t think the senpai knew that Richard was Seigi’s boss. But it struck me as odd too so maybe my brain just decided that because it fixed a plot hole for me.

Oh, I took pictures. I liked the look of it as well.

I have been impressed by how Pet ages down it’s characters. Seigi here is what I’m more use to. It’s a very linear de-aging of the character. The outlines have been rounded off a bit, the eyes are proportionately bigger and the facial features are slightly shortened. That’s it. Seigi was a cute kid though, so no complaints.

They kept using that point of view, through the slats (right, second to bottom) and it’s so unnecessarily creepy. Like they have a stalker or someone is just waiting for them to come out into the cold streets to murder them. It was nothing like that. I’m really not sure why that framing was used so often. I kind of liked it.

I like watching anime characters get happy drunk. Not pass out or sad drunk. Just pleasantly tipsy. The universal design sign of it is flushed cheeks. These two are either in love or having a good time!

Aren’t exposed brick walls just so cool. I know it’s hipsterish and kind of basic as a design element but I can’t help loving them. And I love when they show up in anime. Double Decker also had a lot of exposed brick walls and it really struck me.

And this is the pink/beige version. It’s a lot more soothing than traditional red and it makes the room look bigger. It’s also not too far from my current hair colour.

I pay attention to odd things.

I quite like Opal, although I prefer the black or white varieties because you can see all the different colours better. I have to say, this is my least favourite gemstone in the show. They didn’t capture it at all. That’s too bad. I guess it’s difficult to draw reflected light.

Richard has very few facial expressions. Next to him everyone constantly looks like they’re deeply overacting!

I spent so much time staring at that advert of the Corgi drinking from a bottle. I don’t know if it’s a real commercial but I will buy that drink…or dog…not sure what they were selling to be honest. But it was a nice distraction. In fact the camera kept panning to those billboards as Seigi’s friend was talking and it really made me feel how uncomfortable Seigi was. You know, how you start looking around to try to mentally separate yourself a little from the situation. That’s what the camera was creating. Not a bad trick.

Of course Richard would have a terribly old fashioned and pretentious car. It looked pretty great.

Also, being inside a car or anywhere with a good ground level view of outside, as rain comes pouring down, is one of my favourite things. Not that I want to be outside under other circumstances….

The Case Files of Jeseler Richard ep5-8 (7)

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