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Given Episode 6 – Tritone – Gallery

For me, Given is well and truly on a roll. I have been living in fear of it getting painful or overly dramatic and it manages to be undeniably painful but in a pleasant way. That doesn’t make much sense, does it. I might explain it a little better in my episode review with Karandi....


Irina’s Pinterest Journeys

Pinterest is an odd duck. It’s a very particular internet microcosm and from the outside, it can seem like nothing at all. I always thought it was sort of substantless. I don’t even own a photo album (virtual or otherwise), what would I ever want with a Pinterest account? I only got interested in the...


Fire Force Episode 3 – Embers of Doubt – Gallery

Ok, this is one of the best gifs I’ve ever made. And can we appreciate how stylish Fire Force is. Those boxy overlarge darkened silhouettes with the glowing wide vertical stripes that just enhance that boxiness. Mirrored it that large shadowy rectangle buildig. Everything in a slight upwards angle narrowing at the top making the...