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Do you know Hōka Inumuta?

When I called out for help and inspiration on anime characters to write about, Kill la Kill’s Ryuko was one of the top contenders. She doesn’t exactly fit the underrated/underappreciated theme I’m trying to go for. In fact, she’s one of the few characters with her very own TV tropes page I have now wasted an afternoon...


The Art of the Helpless Antagonist

A while ago I came across this little piece of fan art I absolutely love! It’s great right. It may speak to some dark twisted nature deep in me, but Danganronpa, Magical Girl Raising Project and Madoka also happen to be 3 of my favorite franchises. I’m probably the only person in the world who...


Son Goku, The man, The Legend, The Monkey

What do you think of when you hear the name Son Goku? Don’t answer that, I already know exactly what you think of. It’s my header gif. You think of DBZ like any normal little otaku would. And I don’t blame you at all, he’s by far the most famous anime Goku I can think...


Yoko Littner – Behind Every Great Man

In case I’ve been too subtle on the point, I really liked Gurren Lagann. It’s not a particularly kind story though. It gets pretty rough with its cast. Of the survivors, few if any are unscathed. One of the prevalent themes of Gurren Lagann seems to be that a life well led is as rich...


The Troubled Persona of Naoto Shirogane

***Although I have seen the animation, this will be mostly about the game version of Naoto as I know it better*** Also minor Naoto SPOILERS I guess… I mean it’s pretty obvious but whatever…  Do you guys know Naoto Shirogane? If you haven’t had the pleasure you should really meet. Naoto is just freakin lovely....


The Man Behind the Hand – Tomura Shigaraki

Have you ever stopped to consider how many characters there are in My Hero Academia? A lot, the answer is A LOT! And most of them are given at least a modicum of development. Just enough to make you think they’re more than just set pieces and actually do continue existing once the main characters...


Character Studies and Drunken Anime

Hello everyone. I hope you are all enjoying your holidays. I hope I am as well. It’s very early December at the moment. I think I should be putting up my Christmas tree soon. I’ve decided to deviate from my regularly planned programming today to talk to you about….my regularly planned programming. Or more specifically...


Christmas is for Family – Sachiko Fujinuma (12 days)

Last year around Christmas, I wrote about Celty and Shinra because Christmas is for lovers! This year, I’m keeping the love theme going and I’m going to celebrate one of my very favourite anime mothers, Sachiko Fujinuma from Erased, because Christmas is also for families!


The Rei Ayanami Dilema

So far I’ve managed to stay pretty far away from Neon Genesis Evangelion on this blog. I’ve mentioned it in passing but I’ve yet to dedicate a single post to any of its many themes, characters or legacies. Love it or hate it, you cannot deny that the series has had an important impact on...


The Sacrificial Lambs of the New World

….Shin Sekai Yori… I’m not sure I was prepared. I don’t know if my review for the series will be published by the time this post goes up. In any case, let me just say, Shin Sekai Yori is one dense show. It’s heavy with meaning, dripping with allegory, ruthless in its judgment and harsh...