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Letting Go of my Need for Closure With Anime

A lot of us have this basic layout for what stories should have. Namely a beginning, a middle and an end. Not necessarily in that order and not necessarily in any sort of definitive way but just a general market for one’s brain to go ok the narrative starts here and now it’s over. It’s...


2020 and Look How Far Anime Has Come

I wasn’t going to write one of those decade marker posts. I just didn’t really have anything to say. I have a hard time narrowing down a list of best anime of the season, trying to cover an entire decade is just insanity! Also I’ve been watching anime for more than 10 years. Should I...


In defense of clichés

***I’m still on vacation so this is another repost of one of my older posts – It’s one that I’ve always liked and not many people have seen it so I do hope you enjoy it. I should be back tomorrow*** Welcome to another instalment of Irina defends things that don’t need defending. I find...


Existential Drift in Anime

I don’t know if the expression “existential drift” actually exists. Ha! (Cause existential…never mind…) I think I made it up but I not infrequently think I’ve coined a new term or expression just to realize it’s fairly common and I had probably just picked up on it subconsciously or something.


Awful People Can Still Be Great Characters

I have made no secret of my soft spot for horrible deplorable morally challenged and occasionally despicable characters. This expands beyond anime by the way. It really goes for my tastes in fiction in general. And it seems instinctive. If I have an early liking on a minor character no one pays attention to, 9...


Have Anime Fans Gotten Too Impatient?

You know how back in the day when we had like 5 options for anime and 2 of them were written for kindergartners so we just watched the same old show as everyone else, sometimes for years? Maybe we still do… Point is, since there were no real alternatives for anime fans, we tended to...


When The New Blog Smell Wears Off

Has it happened to you? We remember when we started our blogs and every single “like” was an achievement, a comment, cause for celebration. We had all these ideas we wanted to try out, all these projects we were really excited about. Then in time that excitement dulls a bit.


Does Animation Distill a Serious Message?

We’ve all heard it at some point. An innocent anime uninitiated that tells us “oh yeah, the Japanese cartoons?” or “isn’t it for kids?”… It drives some of us crazy. Not the questions themselves but the implications. The undertone isn’t always there, however once in a while you do get the feeling that people think...


Am I too Positive to be a Reviewer?

Most fans hate it when someone poopoos their favourite series. That’s pretty understandable. And they tend to react defensively which isn’t always pleasant. I’ve spoken to quite a few bloggers that tell me they actively try to avoid being overly negative in their reviews and editorials and prefer reading blogs that are positive as well....