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A Few Ways Colour is Used in Anime

Not so long ago I had a reader comment that no one really cares about colour in anime unless it’s extreme. Like in NGNL or Great Pretender (which has not yet been released here so I can’t tell just how extreme it is). I’m paraphrasing. Now this is an awesome person whose opinion I really...


Why (and how) I Post Every Day

So I ran out of inspiration, because I post more or less daily, and decided to call on Lita for help since she did mention once that she pretty much never runs out of the stuff. And of course sweetheart that she is, she immediately offered to “give” me one of her future post topics...


The Ups and Downs of Watching Popular Anime As They Air

I’ve only recently started watching seasonal anime in simulcast. For one the option hasn’t even been available for that long and for two I generally prefer to soft binge shows. (I’ve coined the term soft binge to mean watching all the episodes more or less in a row over whatever period of time it takes...


Framing and Blocking in Anime

Let me make this clear right from the start, I don’t know much about cinematography. I have never taken a cinema course or even photography and most of my “insight” comes from casual observation. Basically I enjoy movies and anime, and I’ve watched a lot. That’s pretty much the extend of my expertise. However, I’ve...


Chuunbiyou Symptoms and Diagnostic

If you’ve been watching anime for a while, you may have learned of the dreaded Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome (Chuunbiyou). Somehow, this condition has avoided mainstream recognition despite being widespread among the youths of today. If you can’t recognize the signs, you may not realize that your friends and relatives are suffering until it’s...


Voice Acting in Anime is Acting!

Wow, I think we can all agree that I have reached new levels of post naming perfection! Really do I need to even write anymore, that title is so incisive and intricate, it can just stand on it’s own. And maybe it should cause the rest of the post ain’t getting any deeper.


In Defence of Fanservice

This is the first essay post I ever published so I figured I would give it a second chance at the spotlight. Fanservice has become a commonplace and fairly accepted part of anime but it is still generally maligned. For a lot of us, the very notion of fanservice is associated with cheap tricks meant...


Can A Blog be an Island

That title is a bit unclear. I was trying to resume a complex thought in a few words and I failed. Today I want to think a bit about the practice of bloggers cutting themselves off from the blogging community. First I should say that I have no judgment call about it. I still think...