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Demon Slayer’s Wisteria Hysteria (Countdown to Halloween)

Because I read my comments, I do know that a fair bit of you aren’t exactly fans of Demon Slayer as an anime. In fact, the comments would lead me to believe that most of you really disliked the series and dropped it early on. But today I’m not really going to talk about the...


Are Otaku The Worst?

Hello everyone, welcome to my storytime! Some of you might remember this post from when I published it on Karandi’s blog. I’m repurposing my old essays for those that didn’t get a chance to read them then. I hope you enjoy it!


I’m impressed with Crunchyroll’s Production Division

I heard the news that Crunchyroll hit a milestone 3 million subscribers recently and I thought it was about time I talked a bit about the currently reigning anime streaming service. I’m not that knowledgeable on it mind you and there are still many aspects of the business model that are obscure to me. However,...


Anime Rivals, Antagonists and Villains

And somehow this became a history of the Sports! anime genre… I’m pretty sure that people who take classes in creative writing, i.e. people who are not me, are told that stories need conflict. That’s a fairly old fashion view that isn’t true in all cases and they probably also say that in the classes....


Webtoon Adaptations and the Challenges of Serial Fiction

Anime fans all over have most likely heard of the two recent Crunchyroll vehicles based on popular Webtoons. Namely last season’s Tower of God and the brand new God of HighSchool. So lots of Gods… I watched Tower of God and plan on continuing to watch God of HighSchool, I’ve also partially read each webtoon...


Wait… There’s Something Called Anime Alienation? Animenation??

Before some of you jump at me, I’m not saying that anything I’m about to discuss is fact or even true. I simply read a thesis that put forth a couple of theories about the rise of anime popularity and how to interpret that in a social context which I thought was interesting. It was...


In Defence of Predictable Anime

Why did I choose that as my header gif? Even I don’t know but I like it so so much! Apparently it’s from an anime called Aiura which I haven’t watched so I don’t know if it’s predictable. I sort of want to add it t my watch list based on this gif alone…. I...


A Few Ways Colour is Used in Anime

Not so long ago I had a reader comment that no one really cares about colour in anime unless it’s extreme. Like in NGNL or Great Pretender (which has not yet been released here so I can’t tell just how extreme it is). I’m paraphrasing. Now this is an awesome person whose opinion I really...