Best Beloved,

I hope this post finds you well and that you are having a wonderful weekend.

I am taking this opportunity to inform you that I am once again changing up my regularly scheduled program for a one time only special occasion.

Some of you may know that Steins;Gate 0 did not air this week


And although it would be very much my style to post an imaginary review, I have decided to go with something completely different. So check back later if you want to see my thoughts on this week’s Angels of Death and tomorrow:


You are all cordially invited to come celebrate my first complete year blogging. It’s BYOB and there will be balloons and bishies for all.

I don’t usually celebrate birthdays but I had so much fun this year I couldn’t resist marking the occasion. I do hope you have time to stop by! 

With warmest regards,

anime anticipation

51 thoughts on “An Invitation”

  1. I didn’t even BMOY when I wished you a happy Bloggiversary!! (okay, it was like 6:30am at the time…) I’ll be sure to have a drink in your honour at a more reasonable time in the day! 🍻💖

      1. Well, it’s probably not the NICEST drink to cheers you with, but I just made a Salem witch cocktail for my post tomorrow. So, CHEERS TO YOUR BLOGGIVERSARY!!! MAY IT BE THE FIRST OF MANY! 😁😁🍻🍻

    1. I just got it because MAL just can’t seem to get their stuff together – I’ve been exploring the options and stats. I really like it

  2. I’m not a party person, but I’ll at least pop my head in the door. Or arrive just in time to help clean up (wouldn’t be the first time, time-difference and all.)

  3. I’m back!!!! Just in time…..Oh my…you would not believe the stress I have been having for the past couple of hours. Huh?? Stress…ermm….whooooopps….never mind, just me talking crazy here 😅😅
    An invitation though?…oh yes…count me in. Thanks for the invite and of course a very happy anniversary in advance 😊

      1. Yes…it wasn’t wordpress: it was my Ipad. Something went wrong with an update and the same thing happened to my laptop too. I had to make a lot of calls after work…because I really wanted to fix this problem today. Eventually the problem was solved though…So glad to be back in time for the best party of the year 😊😊

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