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The 5Ws of Blogging: Why?

.Here we are finally. The last question and possibly the most abstract one. Why do we blog? I know a lot of you already have the answer to this one. I have read enough of your comments to know that generally speaking there are two camps. Those who blog for themselves – ie. funsies. And those...


Top 5 Signs You Are Watching Too Much…A Perfectly Reasonable Amount of Anime

There are some wonderful things about growing up. Especially if you manage to somehow avoid all responsibility in the process! For example, no one can tell you to turn off those silly Japanese cartoons and go do something productive with your life. And that’s good, cause you’re a responsible human person, you don’t need that...


Just Babbling

Hello friends, It sounds like hyperbole doesn’t it. Some almost meaningless opening sentence inspired by YouTube culture where creators have to actively mimic conversations. No news articles ever start this way. And although it is a bit of a mindless greeting, it’s also partly sincere. Since I blog often, I have had the good fortune...


Top 5 Ways in Which Anime Opened My Mind

In some ways, you may not think of anime as the best place to look for diversity and open-mindedness. Whether justly or not, the community (at least in North America) has made an occasionally unpleasant reputation before itself. We hear how exclusive (as in the opposite of inclusive) and close-minded fans can be. Gatekeeping against...


The 5Ws of Blogging: When?

We are finally here! The When post. I’ve been dreading this one. Mostly because I have no idea how to answer it. Karandi once wrote a very interesting post on what time of day to publish in order to optimize your schedule. You should maybe go read that so that you don’t feel like your...


The 5Ws of Blogging: Who?

The first question I chose to tackle in my 5 Ws of blogging series is who. It’s a weird question to apply to blogging. Who is obviously: you. Alrighty then. Post accomplished! Good job everyone, let’s go celebrate.


I Have a Bad Feeling About This – A Disorganized Rant Post

So remember when I had the bright idea to post about Lolis both as a concept and as a word? I try to forget that too. It was an impulsive reaction at best. Well let me step into something much worse. I promise I’ll lay off the topical anime fake duhrama for a bit after...


The Modern Loli and The Importance of Being Earnest

***This was going to be a collab but everyone else dropped out so now it’s just me. Unfortunately, the post was written with the idea that there would be a counterpoint so I was more insistent than I would normally be and it comes off a bit lopsided. Feel free to counter in the comments if you...