Irina and Karandi discuss episode 3 of The Case Files of Jeweler Richard. Eventually. After we get over discussing spelling.

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Oh boy, I’m super late with my Gallery again. Just like with Eizouken last week, I actually uploaded my screencaps for the next episode today… In my defence, video games are a thing that exist so I really don’t see how my lateness is my fault… cough…

Thankfully, I’m still keeping up with the reviews and collabs so you can go read that at the link above.

When I first saw that image on the phone I thought it was a picture of French Fries and for some reason it made me really happy. I was like, of course fries are priceless. I may have been hungry when I was watching this…

I actually really like Hajime’s design. I’m not entirely sure why as there’s nothing particularly special about it. I think it’s his eyebrows. They’re very expressive and go a long way to change how the character looks and how he comes off in a subtle more realistic way. Or maybe I just really like his teal coat! It’s a nice contrast to the rest of the palette. Since so much of the show takes place in Richard’s office, a pop of colour like that is nice to switch things up.

I think the animators did a pretty good job illustrating a cat’s eye. It’s not easy to capture that effect in a drawing and although not perfect, it’s still very good. I quite like Cat’s Eyes (?) as stones and I was happy to see them branch out beyond the usually fancy gemstones which all look fairly similar once cut aside form colour of course.

Seiji’s purple brown eyes are a very pretty and very unique colour. I looked over my pinterest anime eyes board and I don’t have anything quite like it.

You can’t quite see it in still images but they did great animating Milk the cat. I grew up with cats and I’m quite use to seeing them walk around, not that many shows get it right but Milk lowered his haunches just a bit before jumping, did that thing where he just half lifts his head and stares at you with ire as he’s completely in your way, randomly slowed down to better trip you. All the classic cat tricks. By the way, I love cats.

I only noticed right now that Hajime and his dad have subtly different skin tones. That’s kind of cool. I noticed right away that Richard tends to be paler than most people, I figured that was just part of his “foreigner” characterization. I like that they have multiple various skin tones. Jeweler Richard has a lot of these little touches and this attention to detail in an otherwise somewhat visually monotone show, is really nice.

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  1. I don’t know why, but realistic anime cat faces never really work for me. It’s strange. (You’re right though about the way he’s animated. That’s definitely a cat.)

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