Here I am again, bringing you important pressing news that’s…important! Yeah! If any of you recognize this title, congratulations eagle eyes! I’m impressed and a little touched. For those of you that don’t, it was one of my joke lists from this post. I want to eventually make version of all the lists mentioned in there.

Admittedly, I’m starting out by one of the easiest but why not. Pigtails (or twin tails) have long had a special place in the pantheon of anime hairstyles. They are a go-to Lolita look and a necessary component of the elusive Grade S Zettai ryōiki . There’s just something a little special about it! Sadly, too often boys are left out. No longer though! Here are my five anime boys who rock pigtails:


5) Mitsuka SoujiOreTwintailNiNarimasu )

This is a pretty obvious one as the fact that the main protagonist happens to be a boy with twin tails is sort of the plot of the show. The entire series is dedicated to pig tail fetishists and the glory of the hairdo.

You would figure this one would have to be higher on the list, but I knocked it down a few pegs because Mitsuka only sports the style in his transformed form and I feel like that’s a bit of a cop out. Otherwise though, you can’t really get more “anime boy with pig tails” than this guy.

nanbaka hitomi

4) Hitoshi Sugoroku (Nanbaka)

I was actually surprised that this was the only male character in Nanbaka to sport pigtails. Honestly the anime hair game in that show was out of control! This wasn’t even the most feminine style available!

Admittedly Hitoshi is a very minor character so I won’t be surprised if you didn’t think of him. I recently watched this series so that may have something to do with his inclusion on the list. This said, Hitoshi is a cutey and his lush locks are the perfect contrast to his brother’s chrome dome.

by Natsuki (Pixiv2254053)

3) Mr. Tatsumi (Shiki)

I know what you’re going to say…those aren’t pig tails, they’re ears. Except they’re not! They’re clearly hair…. In two bunches, on top of his head! Non of the otherspoilers have hair ears! Only Tatsumi. That’s clearly a styling preference.

Ok ok fine, so even if it is hair it might not be considered pigtails but you know what? It’s my list and Mr. Tatsumi is one of my favourite characters and I never get to talk about him. So here he is! Also, Shiki still haunts me. Man, that anime has staying power!

buggy the clown

2) One Piece Villains

There are in fact a lot of Shonen villains with some type of pig tail variation. When you have a billion characters (90% of which are male) you run out of hair styles eventually. Why did I pick One Piece? A couple of reasons.

Abdullah has surprisingly adorable low pigtails that are reminiscent of Viking hairstyles and therefore still look quite imposing. On the other hand Buggy the Clown’s twin tail and pirate hat combo has to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. Which makes it even more menacing.

You know who doesn’t have pigtails but you just know he wears them around the house. Hisoka! There is zero chance he’s never tried out the hairstyle. Where’s all the fan art?


Honorable mention Aoi (Uta No Prince Sama)

Is it weird that so many of my picks also have blue hair? Aoi rocks a pig tail. Not a side pony but literally just half his hair up in a single twin tail. And he makes it work!?! Of course, he’s also a spoilers so it’s not fair to compare him to ordinary mortals. Still I am forever impressed that this does not look more stupid!

nagisa assassination classroom

1) Nagisa (Assassination Classroom)

Was there ever any other choice? The answer is no! The hairstyle is perfectly integrated in the character design and suits him so well. I realize that Nagisa looking effeminate is a plot point in the series, but I personally always found the style to be fitting and look perfectly natural on a high school boy.

I liked that Nagisa’s hair is addressed and the style itself is given canon significance. It added a bittersweet touch of development and changed the way I see pigtails an anime characters.

There you have it! Nice little list to whip out. If I had added twin braids to the mix, I could have expanded my repertoire considerably but I think this is still a decent handful to pick from.

Do you have a favourite twin tailed anime boy? Who?

asassination clasroom

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  1. I definitely agree that Buggy should be on this list. I was actually surprised when I found out that his hair was sticking out of his hat when I first got into One Piece. He has a good taste in fashion.

    1. So is Yuuki but he doesn’t have ears so I’ve decided that Tatsumi is just eccentric and spend 2 hours every morning making his hair into ears….

      1. Lol. I guess I won’t interfere with your beliefs. But I do think that thats pretty funny. I do see him in front of a mirror doing his hair every morning 😂

    1. Oh he’s a monster but a good antagonist as far as they go I think, The story wouldn’t have been as frightening without him

  2. I’m totally fine with categorising the ear-hairstyle as a sub-type of the twintail. I haven’t seen Shiki, but do Mr. Tatsumi’s ears emote? The ear haistyle often does, just like the common ahoge often does. In fact, twin tails ocassionally emote, too (though all the examples I can think of are on girls, while the ear hairstyle emoting is more gender neutral).

    Nagisa is very worthy of the top spot, for all the reasons you mention.

  3. I often forget about the male twin-tails in anime. Which is odd, because Nagisa for exaple, I really liked as a character. Honestly though, it’s jsut ncie to see an anime list where I actually recognise almost all the entries for a change 🙂

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