Guys! Matt! Everyone! I remembered this show existed this week! Are you proud of me? I am. If you had asked me last week whether I would remember it or not, it would have been a toss-up. But I did! Yay?

Let’s go with “hooray”!

I’m bold and Matt is delicate this week!

Cinderella 9 ep9 (12)
ummm, do I have to answer now?

So we had a training camp this week and…well… you know…not that much happened. No wait I’m not being fair. Actually, a whole LOT happened. The girls devised some training plans… Arihara (?) the main girl was all surprised that she was the captain even though I’m almost sure they already explicitly named her captain in episode 3. I know I’m asking for a lot but do you remember Matt?

I just finished watching this episode and I can hardly remember what happened, it’s a big ask for me to remember something from nearly two months ago!

Is it just me or is the voice acting slowly getting worse as the season progresses? Maybe I’m just hearing it more.

I don’t know that it’s getting worse rather it’s just there’s so little to focus on in a show like this (because the visuals are quite lacking) that you focus on anything of note and the only thing that stands out is the mediocrity of (some) of the voice actors.

Cinderella 9 ep9 (6)
Mat is a tough critic!

I got a little confused because they were still using their usual field to practice in so I thought camp was over mid-episode. Turns out it’s just really close by. It seems kind of useless. They could do all the same things and just go sleep in their own beds.

Come on, Irina, you’re all over these sports anime, isn’t sleeping on the floor in one room together suppose to build team bonding or some shit? But yeah, a bit pointless otherwise, I get that they don’t have that much in the way of club funds but a change of scenery would’ve been nice for the girls and the audience!

We did get a bath scene though. As a bath scene enthusiast, what is your expert opinion on the two bath scenes we saw this week Matt?

Trash tier bath scenes, not even any cleavage or butt cleavage, 2 out of 10.

Cinderella 9 ep9 (17)

Otherwise, it seems blondie is having “baseball problems”. I suppose it was an acceptable bit of character building but she just hasn’t been developed enough for me to care about the fact that she doesn’t feel like she’s contributing to the team. Know what I mean?

Well she was one of the first characters to join the team so I guess it was time they got around to her, I didn’t mind her scenes they were sweet in an unremarkable kind of way.

Ok, I know I said nothing happened during training camp but the girls did actually see a ghost. Well all of them except for serious black hair girl. Wait that could be like 3 of them, the one with long black hair. She too much of a party pooper to see ghosts it seems.

What did you think of this twist Matt?

It made me laugh, it was kind of well executed, until it wasn’t. Still at least more interesting than their being no twist so kudos for that I guess?

Cinderella 9 ep9 (21)

For my part, I thought it was weird and altogether pretty useless but I guess you have to pad your runtime somehow. This said I did wonder how they would solve it for half a second there. I was hoping he was just an ordinary guy and black hair was

Super nervous and missing things. It would have been cute of her.

And then it was over.

All in all, the best I can say about this show is that it’s harmless. I never feel like watching it is a chore but there’s also nothing here I could recommend to someone. How about you Matt?

After the episode the irlwaifu turned to me as if to elicit my opinion and I just shrugged and said “it’s fine, it’s… fine”. It doesn’t do anything particularly well but nothing about it is bad enough to turn me off either, it just exists.

me either

I took more caps…not sure why but some are cute:




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  1. Not forgetting about Cinderella 9 is an achievement. Personally, I did find this episode tough to get through. I’m not sure how I feel about the priest being a baseball-loving ghost. On the one hand it stands out, on the other hand it doesn’t really improve the episode. Also his laugh sounded like a jingle; you always get that sound-effect when you talk to the NPC? Or when his sprite appears in a VN? Something like that.

    I was tempted to drop the show, but there can’t be that many episodes left, and the better ones pass the time.

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