Top 5 Anime to Watch With Your Crush

So, you’ve been eying that special someone for months now. You stalked them but just a little and in a sweet way. Besides everyone stalks on social media… You’ve learned all you could, goat absolutely all your courage together, and managed to ask them out. Great! Except what now? You’ve decided to introduce them to more

Getting Ready to Sue – Top 5 Anime Characters That Are Clearly Based on Me

For some time now, I have been living with the uncomfortable reality that my house is clearly bugged and anime producers have been stealing my identity to create their characters…well their less interesting supporting characters….but still. To this day, I have yet to see a penny in residuals.That’s not how residuals work you say? That’s more

Timely Top 5 Anime Moms

Oh my, a list of top anime Mom’s just in time for Mother’s Day, how deeply original Irina… Well pshaw! I’m a classic, I don’t need to hide behind the imaginative! A very long time ago, I did a list of top anime dads and I had a great time. I realized though that parents more