Episode 5 has the girls scouting locations for an anime commissioned by the robot club followed by a brainstorming session on robot design that probably puts the bar way too high. 36 more words

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I’m doing my very best to keep up with my galleries. Even though they don’t get many comments or likes, they do get quite a few views so I figure someone’s interested in the pictures. Maybe just to use them in their own posts but hey, that’s cool too.

Oh, Karandi and I talked about this episode (of course) and I tried to telepathically rope Scott in as well.

I really like the Noir mystery setup this episode was going for in the opening act and I enjoyed how they committed to it by plunging everything in shadows. They also added a dull beige to all the colours to make is much more monotone than usual. I think it works. It’s the closest thing to depressing Eizouken has ever looked!

I was amazed by Midori’s robot transformation. I’m not sure it actually works, like they might have tweaked her proportioned for the image to have the proper visual impact but it looks enough like Midori usually does to make it impressive in my opinion.

The various expressions of grief from the robot club in that last image are priceless. I feel like I’ve been exactly there numerous times but just couldn’t express it properly.

Eizouken has a generally interesting production, extremely polished. But I’ve noticed that the camera doesn’t move that much. Rather that a lot of shots are tradition level front facing shots. That’s not a bad thing at all. Potentially almost necessary with all the sketch# and dream sequences happening. It’s just that I’ve been doing galleries for a while now and I just realized that a lot of my Eizouken screen caps are from the same angle. More than usual. I wonder if they’ll talk about camera angles in anime in a future episode!

The light went down again in the tunnel scenes but without that beige colour overlay it just looks dark instead of suffocating and a little sad.

I didn’t really know where to break up my last batch of screencaps. Visually, they all look like one long scene to me.

and sadly, it’s one long scene I really don’t have much to say about. I’m breaking up a wall of pictures with text. I’m really doing this blogger thing all wrong.

The end robot is cute and I like all the functionalities, but I sort of liked the original boxy design more. The one Midori had done by herself (the purple one). It’s just more my sup of tea. I like the simplicity of it. That’s why you should leave the designing to the designers. You shouldn’t listen to your clients, they ruin everything!

What is Kanamori doing with her hand there…

Anywho, these are the screencaps I have for you this week. Hope you enjoyed them.

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  1. I really do enjoy your pic galleries! As for this episode, I love how Asakusa immediately abandons Mizusaki once she thinks she’s been captures–and fails to look for help. . .

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