And Irina and Karandi are back discussing the latest episode of Jeweler Richard and the important lessons learned.

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Look at that! I’m getting a gallery out in a reasonable amount of time after the review post has been published. That’s amazing! O.k., maybe not exactly amazing. More like, not that impressive at all.

Boy, I’m just the best salesman ever. You should go read my review with Karandi. We learned an important lesson!

Ok, so an important part of the narrative is that this adorable brown haired girl here is ugly. She says so herself and everybody just sort of agrees. And I understand that beauty (and ugly I guess) is in the eye of the beholder but you can’t make her identical to other characters. It’s weird. It makes it very difficult to connect with the story.

There are plain looking anime characters. This one isn’t it.

This girl on the other hand is beautiful…clearly… unlike that previous monster. I’m sorry, I’m going way overboard on this. I’m not sure why this ticked me off so much. I think the episode was trying to make a point that got undermined by it’s own design choices and that’s just amateur hour!

More importantly though, what is that green drink??? I mean it’s clearly poisonous. Why would you order that. Why does it have a huge whisky ice globe in it. Why do some people add huge ice chuncks to whisky? It’s just going to dilute it and you’ll waste it. I may have strayed from the point again.

I’m so sorry if any of you are reading this post while eating dinner and just lost your appetite due to this hideousness. Ok…ok.., I’ll stop now. Just one more, how did the camera lens not crack?

I do quite like the array of dainty sweets we get to see in this show. I usually always try to get a screencap of the  dessert of the week. However, I have no idea what’s in that plate. I would totally still eat it.

Majorly messing with your employee’s head for a few days just to teach them a lesson was cool enough but bringing them to a super fancy restaurant where they would be obviously way out of place to spell it all out for them is next level trolling. Richard is the greatest HR master ever. Makes me appreciate my own job!

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard ep4-7 (3)

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  1. Boy, I sure wish there were a waifu assessment service, you know, like for gems. Because I can’t trust my own taste. I mean that was my favourite design so far. Obviously, I can’t be trusted to decide for myself.

    That was a really odd episode. I mean they even snuck in a hint that diamonds are a manifactured demand. At this point I’m plain confused.

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