Trying to Figure out What Matters with Alice and Zouroku

 Genre : Drama, adventure, magical girl Episodes: 12 Studio: J.C.Staff Our world is constantly changing. Species go extinct to make room for new iterations. Mutations give rise to devastating predators, while humble herbivores completely destroy ecosystems through enviable reproduction. Evolution is unpredictable and uncaring but also full of wonders. And it’s this capricious faith that has created more

Space Patrol Luluco

Genre : Comedy, Sci Fi, Magical girl Episodes: 13 Studio: Trigger   Luluco’s dad is a good man. He has done his best to raise his daughter as a single father despite being  an incredibly busy officer of the Space Patrol division and Luluco loves him for it. So when he gets frozen in an incident more

Witchcraft Works

Genre: Shoujo, Magic, Supernatural Episodes: 12 Studio: J.C.Staff   Honoka keeps running into the school princess, Ayaka. They take the bus together, they’re in the same class, they even share cleanup duty, but he’s never managed to have an actual conversation with her. Despite the completely innocent nature of their relationship, Honoka keeps getting attacked because of more