Magical Girl Ore – The Ultimate Magical Girl Deconstruction?

Genre: Comedy, magical girl, idol, supernatural, romance Episodes: 12 Studio: Pierrot   You, yes You! Do you want to see a show about Magical Girls? How about idols. Cute girls, cute boys, manly men? Yuri, yaoi? Strong parental figures, Yakuza, corporate heck (literally). A show about adorable teddy bear demons with buff bodies, and devoted superfans. more

Trying to Figure out What Matters with Alice and Zouroku

 Genre : Drama, adventure, magical girl Episodes: 12 Studio: J.C.Staff Our world is constantly changing. Species go extinct to make room for new iterations. Mutations give rise to devastating predators, while humble herbivores completely destroy ecosystems through enviable reproduction. Evolution is unpredictable and uncaring but also full of wonders. And it’s this capricious faith that has created more