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Flip Flappers – A Slow Start

Titles: Flip Flappers Genre: Adventure, supernatural, Magical Girl, school Episodes: 13 Studio: Studio 3Hz It can be tough to make friends. Even when you’re in middle school, sometimes it’s not easy to find someone to really relate to. But it’s not like Cocona is all alone. She has her grandmother and her childhood friend Yayaka....


Blast of Tempest – The Happening 2

  Genre:  Supernatural, action, drama, mystery, romance Episodes: 24 Studio: Bones   Have you even seen The Happening? The evil tree movie by M. Night Shyamalan. I haven’t but I love watching reviews and parodies that rip it apart. So Imagine if that movie had been written by William Shakespeare, except in modern times and...


I Might Be A Secret Magical Girl

At least I think so… No no wait! Hear me out…I know how this sounds! I really do! But I have reasons for thinking this. Logical ones. And no I didn’t slip on our very icy sidewalks and hit my head hard!


Princess Principal : Petticoats and Gunpowder

Genre : Action, political thriller, mystery, magical girl(?) Episodes: 12 Studio: Actas As someone who lives in a very cold country, I have a healthy appreciation for walls. They can be incredibly useful. Necessary even. But history has thought us that when they are used to tear families apart and segment off bits of the...