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Kino’s Journey – The Bumpy Ride

  Genre : Slice of adventure, surrealism, drama Episodes: 12 Studio: Lerche   The world is full of pain. The ground eternally bloodstained from endless generations of violence, conflict and disasters. Even at their very best, humans are flawed creatures. Petty and scared, prone to cruelty. The world is a cold, lonely place and if you...


Voice of Fox is Better Than You Think

  Genre : Drama, Music, Workplace, Romance, Hacker Episodes: 12 Studio: Yumeta Company   Hu Li is one lucky guy! He has a dream, you see. One of those silly pipe dreams we all have, of making it huge as a signer. But Hu Li may actually have the talent to see his dream through. That is until...


Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh and Neither did I

***Editing Irina here – it’s April 5th and it’s definitely snowing here. In your face BoogiePop!*** Well, Boogiepop has come and gone. Although this was yet another anti-climatic ending, it was at least a comprehensible one… Way to set that bar just a millimeter off the ground. Shania is hosting our last episode review, so look...


Nanbaka; Hair Goal and Frustration

  Genre : Comedy, action, slapstick, drama, neon Episodes: 25+1 Studio: Satelight   Jyugo is a man of many skills. He can break out of any prison, open any lock, mimic any key. He can also…ummm. Ok so Jyugo manly has the one skill but he’s working on it. Kida. It’s just not that easy to...


The Promised Neverland Episode 11 – Zwischenzug

Zwischenzug : An “in between move”, where a player, instead of playing the expected move, first inserts a move which the opponent must answer, before making the expected move.. I finished episode 11 of The Promised Neverland about 12 minutes ago It’s taken me this long to start writing the post because I had to...


BoogiePop and Others Ep. 12-15 with Shania

BoogiePop’s messy release schedule was driving me just a little nuts so I did the most reasonable thing possible and drove Shania a little nuts too. The results! We are almost caught up! Here’s everything that happened before this Friday! There Shall Be Spoilers!