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Revisiting my view on Anime Gatekeeping

This may be a bit of an odd post. I have written before on the subject of Gatekeeping in the anime community. In very broad terms, I’m one of those people that are in support of anime becoming as popular as possible and I just don’t really see any reason to get down on people...


Why do I Watch Anime?

I think I’ve written at least half a dozen variations on why I started to blog about anime but I’ve never really tackled the question of why I watch anime in the first place. Not really. I’ve spoken about certain elements I like about the medium but never in great detail. There’s a reason for...


How to Ruin an Anime Adaptation

I chose my headers gif as the opposite of ruining an adaptation. Alarm sound and Fog Horn!!! I don’t know anything about adapting a written work for an audio visual medium. I don’t even know anything about writing fiction in the first place. These are really just my opinions and observations because I thought it...


I Accidentally Started Watching A Lot of Yuri Lately

And these are my general, not necessarily insightful thoughts on the subject. I like Yuri. Ok not really a revelation, I’ve always liked Yuri well enough. In fact, I like it just about as much as any other genre but considerably more than classical romance which is a little confusing. However, I also ended up...


Blogging in Quarantine Times

For context, I’m writing this in the first week of May and I’ve been at home for a couple of months now. I just wanted to have a little record of how this has changed and mostly not changed my blogging experience. I would love to know how it’s been on your end as well.


I Wrote A Stupid and Now I try To Fix it

I’m probably going to make it worse…orz A few days ago I published a post about, well actually it was a spoof on the concept of coolness and popularity as many of my fellow anime fans claim to not be cool or popular and I relate to that feeling. So I tried to make fun...


When Hobbies Use To Be Hobbies

In case you didn’t know, I consider this blog a hobby. I do it for fun. Just for fun. I don’t ever plan to have a carrier in anything remotely related and I didn’t study in a connected field. When I created the blog the possibility of making any sort of profit from it never...


Self Promotion Courtesy

Self-promotion is sort of a divisive issue. Some people find it tacky and just off putting while others consider it a necessity and show of industriousness. After all, how else are you gonna get your name out there? You gotta be your own biggest fan. More stock phrases about fame and stuff.