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5 things I’ve been doing wrong when writing posts

Due to a convoluted series of events, I ended up attending a “course” on how to write a good blog post. Let me make it clear, I did not attend by choice neither did this have anything to do with this present blog. It’s just that when people found out I already had a blog,...


What I Look For In a First Episode of Anime

It’s the start of the season and I’m watching a lot of brand new shows for the first time. This means that I’ve also been making decisions on which shows to keep watching and that has me reflecting on what exactly I look for in the first episode of a new series.


I Continued to Drink and Watch Anime in 2019

Well who thought I would ever be writing a third one of these? Don’t be shy, raise your hands. No one huh? Yeah… Me neither. But here I am, and I couldn’t be happier! I won’t lie, this year has been rough. Blog wise it’s probably been the most difficult year yet, by far. Not...


5 Things I’ve Noticed About Long Time Anime Bloggers

Sometimes I worry a little that we may be a dying breed. Anime bloggers that is. Didn’t mean to scare you! So many anime bloggers seem to disappear or occasionally diversify beyond anime and gradually stop talking about anime all together. It’s part of the game, people move on. Thankfully, we have talented new blood...


A Cautious Defense of Fandoms

I’ve done a few defense posts in the past. I’ve had very debatable success with them but it seems I still haven’t learned my lesson. In many ways I am radically mediocre. I tend to fall pretty much in the middle of most debates. The only real anime related point I tend to advocate for...


FOMO in Anime

Do you suffer from fear of missing out? Silly question, we all do at some point. But what about specifically in anime? Do you get little pangs in your heart when everyone is talking about an anime you can’t seem to find in your country or avidly debating a series you never got into? Just...