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Irina’s Top 5 Waifus and Matt’s Top 5 Husbandos

Do you guys have any feelings about the word waifu? I know some people may take the idea a bit too seriously but otherwise I have nothing against it. Sounds like a form of domestic martial art. What a fed up lady would use when her husband forgot to fold the laundry again. “She used...


You Can’t Please Everyone

A little while ago I put together a little community post on Karandi’s blog, combining what several bloggers would have liked to know when they first started their blog.  It was a fun project. However, one response stuck with me and I realized that I wanted to come back to it.


Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan, What Did I Just Watch?

  Genre : Comedy, Ecchi, Slice of Death, Supernatural Episodes: 8 season 1 and 4 season 2 Studio: High school is a confusing age for a young man when his thoughts turn to fancies and his body starts going all weird and stuff. We’ve all been there. Those moments when you start to realize some people...


Dutch Angles in Anime

Want to impress you friends by throwing around fancy cinematography language? Want to convince them anime is a serious art by analyzing classical methods and their use in an animated medium? Well you’ve come to the right place! Unless your friends know anything about cinematography or proper usage of fancy words. Then we’re both screwed…