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Surrealism and Magical Realism in Anime

I am very inconsistent with my opening paragraphs. I sort of switch between a personal introduction to ease readers into the post and just jumping right in without any warning. I haven’t really decided which approach suits me best yet and my readers have been too polite to point it out. This is a brand...


My Hero Academia s4 ep78 – Aftermath

So how do you follow up an episode like Bright Future? An unenviable task for sure. Last week’s My Hero Academia rocked me and essentially recontextualized the entire season for me. Potentially the entire series. It’s a much harsher and more uncompromising world that greets me this week, but also more empathic. One with real...


Haikyuu!!: To the Top ep3 – Growth

OK, fingers crossed that this post won’t magically evaporate out of my scheduled posts. Or else I will be sad! I just rewrote my Somali review and a could of collabs and I’m getting a little tired. It’s a lot of work for a Saturday morning. I may just have redefined first world problems.


Top 5 Anime Titles That Mislead Me

As someone who is fairly oblivious to the anime community I rarely hear about the pre-season hype. As such, I tend to base a lot of my expectations of any given anime on the cover image and title. Imagine my disappointment at the utter lack of fruit and serious basket under-representation in Fruits Basket… And...


PET episode 3 – Fishbowl — Gallery

You know, I gotta to give it to Pet, whatever else it may be, it is a very consistent show. And by that I mean that if you’ve been watching it, you should already know what you’re in for with this series. 23 more words via PET episode 3 – Fishbowl — 100 Word Anime I...


My Anime Opinions Change Nothing

This is a weird title. I struggled a bit with it. I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m talking about. Or maybe you silently noded to yourself and moved on to the next post. I’ve been on one of those mind journeys again. And I want to take you with me. It all started out a...


In/Spectre Episode 2 Review — Gallery

We’re back with the second episode of In/Spectre and I must say I was really enjoying it. Right up until we got a ‘to be continued’ shot and then the credits rolled right when things were getting really juicy. It is such a cheap plot particularly when it is clear that this story will be… via...


One for All – Anime’s Underlying Instinct to Favour the Many

Sort of an ironic gif for my point… I was recently speaking to someone about my love of anime. Incidentally this happens more and more lately. Talking to real life people about anime I mean. For the most part they nod and smile politely or they ask tons of questions so they can impress some...