It’s my blog’s birthday!!!! woots!!! Can you believe it? I can’t! It’s a little hard to explain (or justify) how proud I am of keeping this place in existence for a year…. I’ve had a blast. I tend to get all mushy and sentimental with you guys at the flimsiest excuse so I’ll try to more

An Invitation

Best Beloved, I hope this post finds you well and that you are having a wonderful weekend. I am taking this opportunity to inform you that I am once again changing up my regularly scheduled program for a one time only special occasion. Some of you may know that Steins;Gate 0 did not air this more

Love Tyrants and Fools

Genre : Harem, supernatural, comedy, romance Episodes: 12 Studio: EMT Squared   Seiji is just a boring average guy. No really, super boring and super average. He’s a harem protagonist after all. And he goes about he’s super boring average high school life at stereotypical anime high school, when out of the blue a fujoshi cupid more