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Top 5 Things I find Difficult About Writing Episode Reviews

As a new anime season is dawning (isn’t it poetic? I hope so, I tried to make it sound poetic…) I find myself in the familiar position of choosing which (if any shows) I will be watching and reviewing as they air. This is actually a trickier decision than it sounds. Watching anime as it...


KonoSuba – The Legend of Crimson

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure Movie: 1 hour, 35 mins Studio: J.C. Staff   The Crimson Demons are a proud and mysterious people. Ancient and powerful wielders of mystic forces beyond most mere mortals’ ken. But even such a grand race of the Crimson Demons can be threatened by grand enemies with impressive powers all their own. In...


Build A Beastars Character: (Scott the Crow)

The following is written by my friend Scott – I’m in bold below. I also wrote a post for his blog here! Netflix taking anime from us and posting it later is mean guys. No seriously, it is. First Carole and Tuesday was taken and now we had to wait until recently to watch Beastars?...


Voice Acting in Anime is Acting!

Wow, I think we can all agree that I have reached new levels of post naming perfection! Really do I need to even write anymore, that title is so incisive and intricate, it can just stand on it’s own. And maybe it should cause the rest of the post ain’t getting any deeper.


My Hero Academia s4 ep88- Overwhelming Power

This morning I watched two season finales. I watched the last episode of the currently airing Haikyuu and I was delighted to see a strong ending to what has been an overall very strong season of one of my favourite animes. Haikyuu To the Top has been exceptional so far. Why am I going on...


Tower of God Ep.1 – A Cute Face Will Get You Far

You know how I’m a fake fan and I know nothing about upcoming anime and such. Well you now now. I sort of look up what’s scheduled for the upcoming season only after the first show or two have started airing then get mad that I don’t have the services for all the shows that...


Top 5 Anime Lists to Do When You’re Out of Top 5 Anime List Ideas

So uhm… a funny thing happens hen you spend a couple of years writing weekly anime “Top 5” lists. You sort of end up covering a lot of them. And let’s face it, listicles are like internet weeds, there are so many already, sometimes it’s though to find something to write about. But Top lists...


An Appreciation of The Things we Take for Granted in Anime

Art is hard you guys…There’s no real formula to it. No magic set of rules you can follow to produce perfect art every time and yet – it seems very easy to make bad art. As for anime, it’s pure magic. It’s the art of illustration combined with the art of animation layered under the...