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Top 5 Anime Recipes

Everyone likes food. You should be very suspicious of someone who says they don’t like to eat. I’m just sayin. A good meal is magic. And I know for a fact that I’m not the only blogger with an interest in cooking. I have always wanted to have some sort of anime cookbook. In fact,...


Top Five Voice Actresses in My Harem

I’ve been promising this post for a while now. I did a voice actor version some time ago and it was one of my favourite lists to put together. I think you guys enjoyed it too. As we all know, an actor’s performance can really drag down an anime. There’s something heartbreaking about a painfully...


The Most Delicious Tag!

Guys, I’m so behind on nomination posts, it’s not even funny. But I haven’t forgotten them. No siree!!! In fact here’s proof!!! I’m going to do one right now. Well sort of. This isn’t really a traditional tag, it’s more of an answer post.  A while ago Fuelled by Smiling spontaneously created this tag and...


Noragami Aragoto – Portrait of a Reckless Warrior

Genre: Action, supernatural, drama, comedy Episodes: 12 Studio: Bones   People think that being a God is all fun and games. You know, just because you happen to be an all powerful mystical being, loved and admired by countless people, doesn’t mean you don’t have your own problems. For instance, you could have loved ones...


The S word – Touken Ranbu

Genre : Comedy, Historical, Time, Action Episodes: 24 Studio: Doga Kobo   Touken Ranbu is the story about a certain group of swords in a certain citadel. More precisely, it’s the story of Japan’s greatest legendary swords made human and brought together in the Citadel to protect history against the demonic forces of the retrograde army...


The ‘Build a Harem’ Tag (or what Irina does with 90% of her time)

I’m sure you’ve all seen this tag already. Cactus Matt created it a few weeks ago but it’s already made the rounds because it’s so much fun!!! And not only does Matt have these great creative ideas all the time, he is an absolute dear who nominated me in the first round. I, on the...


Because Sharing is Caring

You guys are starting to know me by now, right? You know that I’m basically a 4-year-old trapped in the body of a…well 12-year-old…and when I get excited about something I have to tell you right away! Well this is what I’m excited about at the moment: A Trust to Follow (Wild Magics Book 1)...


Top Five Voice Actors in My Harem

We all love a good vice actor right? (Typo and it stays!) They are a huge part of any anime. Do you guys also secretly want to be voice actors? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the blogs I read tend to go on much more about women seiyuus than men. I’m not...


Top 5 Anime Man Eaters

In case you guys aren’t familiar with the expression, a man eater is sort of an old fashion way of saying a seductress, you know, a woman who enjoys flirting and flaunting her charms and isn’t necessarily above using them to her advantage occasionally. 


Yuuki – Dead Man Walking

Have you guys seen Shiki? It’s the kind of show that sticks with you. It gets under your skin and seeps into your brain. I’m not saying it’s perfect (it’s not) and it most certainly won’t be for everyone, but it’s definitely memorable. If you happen to be interested, I reviewed it last year. I...