I’m loving Irina’s ongoing titles for these Pet episode reviews. Actually, I’m just enjoying reading about a show I can’t watch as it makes me intrigued each and every week. 8 more words

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I’ve gone off the deep end. Maybe my brain got screwey at some point, maybe I finally got myself permadrunk…But somehow, somewhy, I’m starting to rather enjoy Pet. Don’t believe me, I tell you all about it over on 100 Word Anime.

When they’re not going for the high school goth art project aesthetic, the memory scenes are consistently more colourful than the real life ones and I dig it. I always respect a story that makes me nervous by showing me bright and sunny scenes. Not sure why but if the narrative can manage it, I always find it way more creepy than dark alleyways at night.

Sadly I didn’t manage to capture any of it, but Satoru had a wonderful goofy smile on his face for part of the scene. It really brought a lot of personality to his features.

I still like that Jin looks so unique (at least to me). I can’t really remember an anime character with that design.

High school goth aesthetic here we come!

It was to be expected but I liked that they kept it simple. Just a lot of blood everywhere. For once they didn’t overload us with the creepy imagery and gross insinuations and for me at least, it was much more effective. The scene was simple but visceral.

I shouldn’t have blocked these images together. I don’t have anything to say about them. The little girl’s really creepy I guess.

I try to block my screen caps by scenes or sequences so these would have ended up together anyway but…

I still love the pet shop as a background. The colours and light are just great and those pops of colour from the fish add a bit of visual interest. As far as settings go this one manages to be somehow simultaneously threatening and cozy.

It’s very difficult to tell if something is falling down or up is a still image. That water drop is falling “up”.

don’t know if it’s just me but I almost didn’t recognize Tsukasa with his hair slicked back like that. And I liked it! He should consider making that his every day look.

The contrast between the blueish pet shop and the dark red mindscape is pretty blunt. Not that Pet is particularly subtle usually or anything. It was just striking especially when I looked over the screencaps afterwards.

Pet anime ep6-7 (2)


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