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Connection and Blogging

I’m not a particularly social animal. By nature not by circumstance. As such, the social component of blogging, although very important to me, has never been the *most* important or only aspect. But as time goes by and hopefully I mature a little as a blogger, I’ve come to appreciate it in different ways. Ways...


12 Days of Anime Blogging 2019

Guys! It’s that magical time of year. That wonderful snowy time where I blog about anime or loosely related subjects for 12 days in a row! Ok, so I do that anyway but now, it’s christmasy! Kidding aside, I do enjoy taking part in the 12 Days of Anime Blogmas every year even if it...


5 Things I’ve Noticed About Long Time Anime Bloggers

Sometimes I worry a little that we may be a dying breed. Anime bloggers that is. Didn’t mean to scare you! So many anime bloggers seem to disappear or occasionally diversify beyond anime and gradually stop talking about anime all together. It’s part of the game, people move on. Thankfully, we have talented new blood...


Frozen Sunbeams – The Sunshine Blogger Award

Well it’s that time again, the time when I finally get my lazy behind in gear and answer some tags! It’s grey and snowy in Montreal today so I figured this would be the perfect time to revisit the Sunshine Blogger award and happily I was recently tagged by the wonderful Merlin with some fun...


When The New Blog Smell Wears Off

Has it happened to you? We remember when we started our blogs and every single “like” was an achievement, a comment, cause for celebration. We had all these ideas we wanted to try out, all these projects we were really excited about. Then in time that excitement dulls a bit.


Am I too Positive to be a Reviewer?

Most fans hate it when someone poopoos their favourite series. That’s pretty understandable. And they tend to react defensively which isn’t always pleasant. I’ve spoken to quite a few bloggers that tell me they actively try to avoid being overly negative in their reviews and editorials and prefer reading blogs that are positive as well....


Receiving and Sending Blog Writing Services

Do you have people offering to write your posts for you? I get a small but consistent trickle of unsolicited offers from freelance writer proposing me their services with examples of health and wellness articles. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the hustle. Professional blogger looks like an extremely difficult way to make a living....


Post Templates are Awesome!

Even though I could come up with a fair amount of theoretical evidence that I am not especially stupid, my actions don’t always follow suite. Case and point: my Fridays!


You Can’t Please Everyone

A little while ago I put together a little community post on Karandi’s blog, combining what several bloggers would have liked to know when they first started their blog.  It was a fun project. However, one response stuck with me and I realized that I wanted to come back to it.


My Top 5 Ways To Combat the Blogging Blues

Most people that have had a blog for any amount of time, tend to be familiar with the blogging blues. Those moments of apathy or frustration against our own hobby that can make the experience less enjoyable. Sometimes we have good reasons for catching the blues. Other times they just come up out of nowhere...