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The 5W of Blogging: Where?

Finally, a question I can offer a bit of insight into. Mind you a lot comes up to subjective preference. Where do you blog? First, let’s just push out different forms of media. Podcasts, videos and live streaming should be considered separate categories and I haven’t done enough research on the subject to give you...


May 2019 Anime Blog Discovery!

Is it just me or does time seem to be moving exponentially faster lately? Where exactly did May go? Didn’t I just write a blog discovery post last week or something? Tell me guys are you enjoying these posts? Wow, this has really started like an interrogation, hasn’t it? I just can’t stop!!! Let’s take...


The 5Ws of Blogging: When?

We are finally here! The When post. I’ve been dreading this one. Mostly because I have no idea how to answer it. Karandi once wrote a very interesting post on what time of day to publish in order to optimize your schedule. You should maybe go read that so that you don’t feel like your...


The 5Ws of Blogging: What?

And I’m back. As you can potentially imagine, I’m writing all of these in a row. It’s a lot of non anime content for me. I’m finding it surprisingly challenging. So what do we blog about? Yeah…yeah. I know I blog about anime, wise guy! That’s not what I mean and you know it. At...


April 2019 Anime Blog Discovery!

Is it spring where you are? It’s just barely starting here. Spring isn’t exactly lovely in Montreal. It’s grey and dirty. Occasionally it’s a bit snowy as well. But Montrealers are odd creatures. In fall, they get their huge winter coats out as soon as it dips below freezing, in spring it can be -10C...


The 5Ws of Blogging: Who?

The first question I chose to tackle in my 5 Ws of blogging series is who. It’s a weird question to apply to blogging. Who is obviously: you. Alrighty then. Post accomplished! Good job everyone, let’s go celebrate.


The Social Consciousness of WordPress Anime

No don’t worry, I’m not here to rant and rave on the latest social justice talking points. I think I’ve done more than enough of that lately! Besides, I’m not annoyed at anything at the moment. Quite to the contrary in fact. I’m in an inexplicably good mood. As I write this, the spring season...


New Post Series – The 5Ws of Blogging

You guys know I like to pretend I know things. And among those things, I particularly like to feign expertise on blogging itself. I’ve gone on and on about how to blog. Or more precisely how not to blog since that’s really what I have the most experience with. However, there are all those other...


Top 5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Collab

You all know I absolutely love a good collab. I mention it all the time. It can be challenging but I find it has a number of rewards you won’t get any other way. It forces you to adapt your writing style to someone else’s and to consider your explanation and description as if you’re...


March 2019 Anime Blog Discovery!

Time sure files. I’ve only been doing this since January yet for two months in a row now, the end of the month catches up with me and I suddenly realize it’s discovery time!!!! I don’t know about you but as I am still stuck in the winter that will never end, I sure could...