In/Spectre episode 3 concludes one mystery and jumps into another (after a time skip). Irina and I discuss our thoughts on the episode.

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Guys guys, this is coming out in the same week it aired! Woooohhh!!!! We did it! Progress. Let’s all celebrate, get the drinks…wait, this is how this whole mess started.

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I really did not like the image of the rotting black fetus. Not on any moral standpoint it just looked tacky to me. Admittedly that entire little story thread was not my favourite and I think it clashed with the tone of the show.

I do however like Kuro and Kotoko’s Pokemon Yokai. Why does Kuro even have one? Is it like a snack for later or something? That would be some dark humour!

This sequence is tinted green, most obvious in scenes with less light. It’s great to set up the unnatural and uneasy feeling In/Spectre seems to be going for. However, I like brightly coloured shows and I think it would match the fun loving side of the series better. So yeah, my brilliant comment here is, moar kolors plz!

First of all, I really love Saki’s short hair. It’s not my preference usually but it suits her so well. That very long side-bang is a great flourish too. Surprisingly it doesn’t look stupid at all and I am even willing to believe that a police officer could have that haircut.

Second, and this is a tribute to how shallow and simple I am, but I’m so happy we have a character that visually resembles an inspector in this show…Trust me, I know how stupid that sounds.

Kuro looks so evil with his crazy eyes. I do hope the series addresses it at some point because it would be a shame to waste such a great character design element. He’s such a normal, even boring looking character yet just a few changes in how his eyes are drawn and his clearly a mega villain not to be trifled with.

Saki has very pretty eyes. I talk abut pretty eyes a lot lately. I should really write that anime eyes post.

I guess the green tint either follows Kotoko around or is a signifier or yokai presence?

There is a whole slew of faceless monsters but not that many have just a hole of nothingness where the face should be. I think smooth featureless faces are a bit scarier for my money but this is not far behind. When I first saw the design I thought it would be sort of a Harley Quinn sort type of character. “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” gone wrong design archetype. A bit like Himiko in MHA. And I’m all for that, it’s a nice change from the femme fatale even if they are really quite similar.

That missing face though changes everything. It’s legitimately creepy and makes me consider that character in a completely different way. That’s clearly not human and there’s no chance of me forgetting it any any point. I think that marks a successful supernatural antagonist design. I hope we get to see her more and in more detail.

OK, I’m still heady from getting a gallery out within a reasonable delay. I think I won’t push my luck and leave it here for now!

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  1. I thought for sure the snake eye and Kotoko’s eye placement was done on purpose for artistic effect. It does make it appear confrontational. I have to be honest – I didn’t understand this episode. I mean, I get it, but I don’t really buy the story, or how she reasons it out from basically no information, or how irrational the woman murderess behaves. But then I guess part of the point is she is irrational. I did love the snake god, his looks and how he was animated. As a snake enthusiast myself, I do have to point out that snakes don’t have eyelids, which he clearly did in one scene but, well, maybe snake GODS are special. I thought all the little yokai were pretty special and cute. But, yeah, probably not going to be my favorite episode.

    1. My way of looking at it is that the whole conversation was about giving the snake god peace of mind and not to uncover the truth. From what Kotoko said in the car, it seems the woman really did just want the snake to eat the corpse, but Kotoko prettied up the story, so the snake god didn’t have any niggles left. (Kotoko’s great at youkai pyschology, but she’s sort of bad at interacting with people.)

      1. I agree although peace of mind may be charitable. I read it as placating a potentially dangerous yokai. They played the snake very nice but there was an edge underneath

    2. It was for artistic effect! And I think there was definite underlying menace in this scene. The second half of the episode was great in my opinion

  2. In an idol ghost having huge breasts but no face might be a reminder of what she’s angry about. I sort of symphathise.

    Also having those pictures of Kotoko’s and the snake’s eyes right next to each other creates an interesting effect, much different from the effect it had on me in the show. More… confrontational?

    1. Oh wow, you’ve thought this out much better than I did. When you put it that way it’s kind of cool. If we assume cool to mean terrifying and sad

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