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Fire Force 2 Episode 5 – Firestorm

I don’t know how it’s been were you guys are but in my neck of the woods we’ve been having thunderstorms all week. Calm discreet little thunderstorms, nothing to get to worked up about. It’s actually been rather pleasant and everything us all lush and green now. I wasn’t actually planning to show off, it...


Fire Force 2 Episode 4 – Day of The Living Ash

This weeks episode was quite reminiscent of a zombie series wasn’t t. In many ways, Fire Force does take on a lot of the classic zombie tropes with only a bit of tweaking. Except for all those deep religious undertones. Those are vampire tropes! It’s actually kind of cool how a modern action anime manages...


Fire Force 2 Episode 3 – Bombshell Gorilla

You know what they say about anime girls with pink hair, don’t you?… Wait… Fire Force already has an anime girl with pink hair… It already has 2! What is this! It’s one pink haired girl per show! Everyone knows that. Have these people never seen an anime before?


Fire Force 2 Episode 1 – A Great Start

Fire Force is back and until I watched the first episode, I didn’t hadn’t realized that it was just what I needed right now. Let’s get a few announcements out of the way first though. This first review is going on up Saturday because I didn’t have anything else for today but starting next week...