Hands Off Eizouken has made a strong start with 3 very convincing episodes. Join Irina and I as we gush over the latest offering.

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Boy, I am really late with this gallery. I just uploaded all my screencaps for episode 4 of Eizouken…. Not to mention that you’ve all probably already read the review on 100 Word Anime. If not, you can follow the link above.

Oh well, maybe in a few years someone will be looking for some screencaps of episode 3 of Eizouken for a classic anime review or something and this post will become useful…if they ever find it…

I have seen the next episode so I know that this changes and it makes it even more significant that the light in the club room is super stark. Look how it blares in from the windows almost like fluorescents. It really brings across how bare the room is and how much work the girls have ahead of them!

That tanuki is adorable.

The colour palette dramatically changes the second the action is moved out of the club room. It creates a sort of enclosed microcosm for that particular space. It’s the girls’ private sanctuary and even their teacher advisor doesn’t actually step inside.

The imaginary world really intermixed well with reality this week as the scenes were shorter and intercut with a lot of real world scenes.

I love Midori’s floor. The colour is perfect and creates a really nice contrast, and the squares section off the screen. The angle is nice too.

In episode 2 the school was purple and blue but it seems the cafeteria is yellow and green. This is a very coloured school. I wish I had gone there.

I have the power of hindsight so I know how it turned out but I got to say, those early sketches of Machete Girl looked amazing. There’s something about seeing animation in line work that makes it look just so much more…animated…. But when you see all the hatching and reference marks you can truly appreciate how every bit of an image is moving in relation to everything else, I love that stuff. Probably the same urge that made me take apart watches when I was a kid. And it also makes you really appreciate what colours, shading camera angles and distance can do to bring a scene to life!

I loved this sequence and I couldn’t wait to see the finished product.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken ep3-7 (3)

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  1. The visuals for me are a two-edged sword. The obvious and most important part is my motion sickness. Every episode has moments that just don’t sti well with me. But there’s something else, more subtle:

    Look at the fist picture of the second patch: those green plastic chairs stand out, both because of their colour and their regularity. The arrangement is good, but the longer I watch the show, the more straight lines stand out, and the more the show’s visuals start to lose me. People tell me I’m being over-sensensitive, and maybe that’s true, but very often I do adversly react to visual regularity. I never really notice at first, or maybe I do but put it on auto-ignore, but if it goes on for a while that regularity stands out. It’s endemic in the show – even in the girl’s faces. It’s hard to explain.

    Everything here is high-level awesome, so the effect isn’t large. But exactly because it’s high-level, I can’t integrate this as easily into my style perception as I can with cheap stuff like Kemono Friends or that weird Sega Girl’s show. The regularity-feel is a bit like an on-and-off switch. I notice it now and then, and whenever I notice it it’s a little disappointement.

    Next episode will actually explain the process, which is… ironic. I can appreciate what they’re doing, and if it helps animators have an easier life, I’m all for it. The show still looks fantastic. It’s just that the sketch versions always look more alive to me. On the other hand, I’m not sure how I would react to an entire show animated simply with a pencil…

    It’s interesting, really. I can’t say that, if an anime creator were to ask me what I want, I would know what to say in response. Avoid rapid camera movement, so I don’t get sick, sure, but that’s comparatively uninteresting. This meta level has always been an important part of the show, but I haven’t, until the next episode actually, realised how much this show pokes a finger into a sore spot. I also haven’t realised just how conflicted I am when it comes to CGI (and it’s becoming more and more apparent how ignorant I am, so I shouldn’t just throw out catchphrases and assign blame).

    Take Hisone to Masotan. I’ve been told that all the planes in that show were CGI, but they drew thick outlines around them, so they would blend into the style of the show. I watched an episode with that in mind and couldn’t even see it.

    It’s not really CGI I’m objecting to. I think there may be something more complex going on, and I’m not sure how my taste slots into a contiuum here. It’s confusing.

    It’s definitely the second prettiest show this season (after Hanako-kun, IMO), even with all I’ve said here. This show just looks that awesome. I wish I could watch all of it, but at times I have to squint at the screen borders. Pity.

    Btw, it’s my theory that the tanuki and the club advisor are the same person.

    1. That was a brilliant and fascinating exploration of the viewers relationship with the craft of anime rather than merely the end product but now all I can think of is Tanuki Advisor! That is all the yes. It’s also now my official head canon I don’t care what the story goes on to tell us.

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