Alright, I’m actually here this week and I’ve caught up on Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! I kind of knew I would which is why I didn’t mind letting one episode slip. 34 more words

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I was a little late with the Eizouken episode 7 review. Karandi was great though. You should read it at the link up there. I just uploaded my pics from episode 8 and I have to make sure I don’t mix up the two!

This entire sequence was adorable. There was very little dialogue, essentially the story was conveyed through movement mostly which is very fitting and very difficult to capture in still shots.

I do like how the colours are a bit softer and the scenes are brighter and more sun-drenched. Almost a little washed out by that sun.

Those school uniforms are very nice. Practical and nice. That’s a good combo.

Once more, the show is very blue. Not just the uniforms although that’s obviously a big part of it but backgrounds also. There’s often lots of sky with no threes in the way. The club room has those greyish blue metal siding walls, even the art clubs painting is mostly blue.

I mentioned it in the review but water and rainstorms are really very present in this anime. There’s some sort of water motif or an all out storm in just about every episode. Maybe it’s this frequent bad whether that made the extreme sun of the opening sequence even more striking.

I really liked the image of the three of them sitting way back in there chairs and watching the anime in what looked like a vacuum. It was a really good illustration of what it feels like when you’re watching a show you’re really into. Everything else just kind of disappears.

I really like seeing characters reflected in eyeballs. it’s very cliché but what can I say. In my head it’s just so anime.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken ep7-8 (1)

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  1. Tsubame’s flashback really was adorable, wasn’t it? I especially loved the way she figured out how to help her grandma – the standing-up scene especially.

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