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Nanbaka; Hair Goal and Frustration

  Genre : Comedy, action, slapstick, drama, neon Episodes: 25+1 Studio: Satelight   Jyugo is a man of many skills. He can break out of any prison, open any lock, mimic any key. He can also…ummm. Ok so Jyugo manly has the one skill but he’s working on it. Kida. It’s just not that easy to...


The Morose Mononokean Season 2 Episode 13 With Karandi and Irina

Here we are again, one last time. At least one last time for the foreseeable future. Even as I write this, I’m already missing The Morose Mononokean a little. I have no way of properly explaining it, but this season just grew on me like wildflowers.  I thought it amusing, and familiar then interesting and...


Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan Episode 11 – Mini review with Matt

I feel a little guilty. After the questionable puppet interlude Matt was stuck with last week, we have my favorite episode by fa this week. Then again, Matt and I have pretty different tastes so he may have hated it! I think our opinions of this show have largely lined up week-to-week so it should...


The Royal Tutor Movie – Attack of the White Haired Bishies

  Genre : Comedy, political intrigue, slice of life, bishonen banquet Episodes: 1 movie Studio:   What’s better than a bevy of blonde bishies? It’s a trick question. Nothing is better. The human brain isn’t equipped to handle more joy than what implied by that first sentence. But you know what’s not worse than that? Those same adorable...


The Morose Mononokean Season 2 Episode 11 with Karandi and Irina

It’s still snowing. Yesterday was a pretty nice day. A bit grey but warm and pleasant. Today it’s snowing wet snow and there’s this biting cold wind blowing everything about. Once again, it’s a great day for Mononokean. I’m going to miss this little show after next week. I hope they make more. While we’re...


The Morose Mononokean Season 2 Episode 10 With Irina and Karandi

This show is slowly and quietly turning into one of the series I’m consistently looking forward to every week. I know that it’s only me and Karandi watching but even that is nice and comfy! You should join us – at least in post for 🙂 https://100wordanime.blog/2019/03/12/the-morose-mononokean-season-2-episode-10-with-irina-and-karandi/


Making Dreams Real in Shirobako

Genre : Slice of Real Life Episodes: 24 Studio: P.A.Works In high school, Aoi and her friends had a dream. A good one. They wanted to be part of a world that brought so much joy to their lives that they were willing to dedicate their futures to spreading that joy around. In Japan anime is more...