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Yoko Littner – Behind Every Great Man

In case I’ve been too subtle on the point, I really liked Gurren Lagann. It’s not a particularly kind story though. It gets pretty rough with its cast. Of the survivors, few if any are unscathed. One of the prevalent themes of Gurren Lagann seems to be that a life well led is as rich...


Gurren Lagann – Beauty in the Breakdown

Genre:  Science fiction, mecha, action, adventure, heartbreak in the best way Episodes: 27 Studio: Gainax I don’t know if I can do this one. I finished Gurren Lagann last night and it broke my heart in that delicate and pretty way only the right show at the right time can do. I’m grateful for it....


Space Battleship Tiramisu – Where Are The Desserts?

Genre: Mecha, adventure, comedy, short, fanservice Episodes: 18 Studio: Gonzo   There is no place quite as safe and comfortable for Subaru Ichinose, as the cockpit of his Durandal. A young ace pilot, Subaru has devoted his entire life to his training and now, he can finally put it all to good use on the front lines, as...