Could Irina and I get more enthused about this anime? I guess it is possible but I’m pretty sure I’m going to run out of ways to say “I Love It”.

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OMG guys! I’m getting this gallery out before the next episode airs. OK, maybe just a few hours before but I’m gonna take all the wins I can get at this point. You have no idea how much discipline it’s taking me not to video game right now. My life is so difficult!

Oh but if for some reason you missed it, Karandi and I also discussed the episode in the link above. I always enjoy chatting with Karandi about Eizouken and I hope you would enjoy reading it as well!

Kanamori has a great facial expression there. There’s so much impact in changing the slant of the eyebrows and adding some shadowing! This said, I actually really like Kanamori’s entire character design a lot. Those glasses which are more often then not on top of her head constantly drawn my attention and change her hairline to soften her features a bit. It’s a very good design with a lot of subtleties although I figure most people will mostly notice the always opened toothy mouth. I can’t blame them.

Karandi used that bedroom shot of Tsubame as her header pic and I don’t blame her. It’s lovely. The light is warm and soft, the piles of books and comforter in the foreground create a pleasantly crowded environment that feels snug and welcoming. There’s a secondary restrained frame created by the back wall that gives a sense of depth and an uneven horizon from the tops of the books. It’s good light, good colours and good composition. And that’s just one frame.The girls starting at the computer screen in a darkened room. All of them clustered in the foreground as this huge room of shadows stretches out behind them once more creates a huge sense of scale and the slight slant in the front horizon line unbalances the eye a bit. It’s slightly ominous and gives a sense of just how gargantuan the girls’ task it. I could go on.

The fact is, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken has some really wonderful composition. It’s in fact my sated reason for being interested in the show in the first place. I thought the promotional image had great composition.

Midori’s bedhead is adorable. And framed like that, against a glaring screen really brings across the exhaustion.

The student council building (or whatever it is) looks awesome. I love traditional Japanese architecture. I wish we had some around here but Quebec is inhospitable to most buildings.

Finally seeing Machete Girl completed and onscreen was such a joyous moment that I almost want to say that the look of it was irrelevant. In my personal taste, I liked the line-work animation just a little better but there is something to be said for the colours. That warm canyon palette is really nice and clashes well with the girl’s green uniform. That clash makes the movement much easier to follow in the colours version and unlike when I was watching the line-work, I never had any confusion about what was actually happening on the screen.

I also really enjoyed that each member of the student council looks really individual.

Once again, a beautiful episode bursting with love for anime. What more can you possibly ask for. Nothing!

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken ep4-8 (2)

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