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Given Episode 6 – Tritone – Gallery

For me, Given is well and truly on a roll. I have been living in fear of it getting painful or overly dramatic and it manages to be undeniably painful but in a pleasant way. That doesn’t make much sense, does it. I might explain it a little better in my episode review with Karandi....


I Still Don’t Know Gunma Yet

  Genre : Comedy, Slice of Life, School, Short Episodes: 12 Studio: Asahi Production   There are exciting days ahead for Nori Kamitsuki. His high school career is about to get a lot livelier. Changing schools is already a challenge in and of itself, but moving to a whole new and little known prefecture makes it...


Hinomaru Sumo – An Open Weight Challenge

Genre: Sports!, comedy, school, drama Episodes: 24 Studio: GONZO   People think sumo is all about girth. The biggest guy wins! And as usual, people are all wrong. Sumo is a delicate art and wrestlers take their strength from their spirit. Ok, delicate is not the right word. Art may not be the right word...


Boogiepop and Shania and Irina ep 10 – Straw Man

Irina: A straw man can mean a few things. Either it’s a a person regarded as having no substance or integrity, or it could be an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument. Scarecrow was neither if you ask me.