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Sarazanmai – Surrealism Japanese Style

  Genre : Supernatural, surreal, drama, comedy, bl, wow, that’s a lot of but jokes Episodes: 11 Studio: MAPPA; Lapin Track   Other people are hard to deal with. They just are. Relationships are difficult and don’t get any easier. You just have to remind yourself it’s worth it. We live in a time where it’s getting...


My Hero Academia s4 ep64 – The Heir

Welcome one and all. Today is a very special day for me. I have been looking forward to this season of My Hero Academia since…well the last episode of season 3, and I was actually a little guiddy. Not gonna lie. I haven’t been this excited about a new anime season in a while and...


Gankutsuou – Klimt’s Dumas

  Genre : Drama, intrigue, science fiction, mecha, supernatural, hoyay Episodes: 24 Studio: Gonzo   Albert de Morcerf is an accomplished 15-year-old indeed. The son of a prominent military general with political aspiration, he has lived his entire life among Paris’ elite and is no set to have a comfortable future. Engaged to his childhood friend...