The Anime Hero

Have you noticed that leading characters usually all have some traits in common? Well at least stereotypical ones. This is even more obvious when you restrain them to particular genres. However, I’ve noticed (or imagined…) a little something when it comes to anime heroes. They’re kinda bizarro…

A Somewhat Magical Index

Genre : Action, supernatural, sci fi, harem, magical girl, exposition Episodes: 24 Studio: J.C.Staff   Academy City is a place of wonders. Man-made wonders. A world of logic and science where gifted young men and women (called Espers) are brought together to sharpen their skills. A place where people strive to make the world better through the more

My Hero Academia s3 – The Peculiar Strength of Accepting Weakness

Genre : Shounen, action, school, comedy, superhero Episodes: 25 Studio: Bones The road to herohood(?), herodom(?), heroness… is a difficult one. Littered with obstacles and unforeseen dangers. As it should be! After all you can’t expect to become the best without putting in the effort. A reality that the students of UA’s class 1-A are reminded of more