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Dr. Stone Episode 2 – Enter Tarzan

I will be updating you all on my blog scheduling changes for the summer season tomorrow but in the meantime, here’s first try at a brand new episode review template. I’m trying something to help me keep my thoughts focused and keep the posts from going out of control by adding headers… Let me know...


Steins;Gate 0 Ep 22 -A Nostalgic Sorrow

Have you guys noticed that Steins:Gate breaks down into mini thematic arcs through episode titles. Right now we’re in the middle of a renaissance. “Renaissance are usually considered to include intensified classical scholarship, scientific and geographical discovery, a sense of individual human potentialities, and the assertion of the active and secular over the religious and contemplative life“ Well doesn’t that sound promising!


Steins;Gate 0 Ep 21 – Going Back to Yourself

Guys I need to go back in time! Just one week. That’s reasonable… Man. I knew this would happen. I knew the second I used my precious once and future title, Hououin  would come back. This week was the time to use it. I’m beginning to think I’m title cursed. But hey, Steins;Gate 0 and...


Steins;Gate 0 Ep 19 – Meaningless Consequences

You know what I hate… I hate having the feeling that I’m the smartest guy in the room (thankfully I don’t have to deal with that too often). Seriously though, it’s not that I want to feel dumb but having it all figured out is dull and there’s no point if there’s nothing to learn....