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Build A Beastars Character: (Scott the Crow)

The following is written by my friend Scott – I’m in bold below. I also wrote a post for his blog here! Netflix taking anime from us and posting it later is mean guys. No seriously, it is. First Carole and Tuesday was taken and now we had to wait until recently to watch Beastars?...


Voice Acting in Anime is Acting!

Wow, I think we can all agree that I have reached new levels of post naming perfection! Really do I need to even write anymore, that title is so incisive and intricate, it can just stand on it’s own. And maybe it should cause the rest of the post ain’t getting any deeper.


I Wrote A Stupid and Now I try To Fix it

I’m probably going to make it worse…orz A few days ago I published a post about, well actually it was a spoof on the concept of coolness and popularity as many of my fellow anime fans claim to not be cool or popular and I relate to that feeling. So I tried to make fun...


Is Anime Cool???

That’s a weird question, isn’t it. It needs a bit of context. Lately I have come across several people that consider themselves anime fans even though they haven’t watched an anime in years, haven’t kept up with the industry and aren’t really interested in picking up any new shows. But they did enjoy anime at...


In Defence of Fanservice

This is the first essay post I ever published so I figured I would give it a second chance at the spotlight. Fanservice has become a commonplace and fairly accepted part of anime but it is still generally maligned. For a lot of us, the very notion of fanservice is associated with cheap tricks meant...


When Hobbies Use To Be Hobbies

In case you didn’t know, I consider this blog a hobby. I do it for fun. Just for fun. I don’t ever plan to have a carrier in anything remotely related and I didn’t study in a connected field. When I created the blog the possibility of making any sort of profit from it never...


Self Promotion Courtesy

Self-promotion is sort of a divisive issue. Some people find it tacky and just off putting while others consider it a necessity and show of industriousness. After all, how else are you gonna get your name out there? You gotta be your own biggest fan. More stock phrases about fame and stuff.


I Don’t Know How to Feel About the Use of Anime in Advertising

I was about to call this post “anime bating” then I realized that sounded way to serious and important for what I had in mind. Instead I went the light novel route. I’m not sure it works either. I hope I figure out the secret of the perfect post title some day… You can blame...


Can A Blog be an Island

That title is a bit unclear. I was trying to resume a complex thought in a few words and I failed. Today I want to think a bit about the practice of bloggers cutting themselves off from the blogging community. First I should say that I have no judgment call about it. I still think...


When Comedy Anime isn’t Quite Comedy

Comedy anime series get the short end of the stick. I think that’s a real shame. Mostly because I’m a huge comedy fan and I defend my own. However, after seeing the recent Crunchyroll award categories I think I might know at least part of the problem: Semantics…