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My Anime Opinions Change Nothing

This is a weird title. I struggled a bit with it. I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m talking about. Or maybe you silently noded to yourself and moved on to the next post. I’ve been on one of those mind journeys again. And I want to take you with me. It all started out a...


One for All – Anime’s Underlying Instinct to Favour the Many

Sort of an ironic gif for my point… I was recently speaking to someone about my love of anime. Incidentally this happens more and more lately. Talking to real life people about anime I mean. For the most part they nod and smile politely or they ask tons of questions so they can impress some...


The Origins of Weeaboo

I’ve never had much first hand contact with the term “weeaboo”. I learned it from an anime loving friend who used it more like a term of endearment. Something like, let’s hang out this weekend and do some weeaboo stuff… except it was another word starting with “s”. Super sweet kid but a total potty...


What I Look For In a First Episode of Anime

It’s the start of the season and I’m watching a lot of brand new shows for the first time. This means that I’ve also been making decisions on which shows to keep watching and that has me reflecting on what exactly I look for in the first episode of a new series.


Queerbaiting in Anime?

There sure is a lot of queerbaiting in anime. Well there sure are a lot of accusations of queerbaiting in anime. I’m a little slow on the uptake when in comes to implied romance but I swear at least some of it is all in the viewers heads. I mean Kuroko no Basuke fans went...


Letting Go of my Need for Closure With Anime

A lot of us have this basic layout for what stories should have. Namely a beginning, a middle and an end. Not necessarily in that order and not necessarily in any sort of definitive way but just a general market for one’s brain to go ok the narrative starts here and now it’s over. It’s...


2020 and Look How Far Anime Has Come

I wasn’t going to write one of those decade marker posts. I just didn’t really have anything to say. I have a hard time narrowing down a list of best anime of the season, trying to cover an entire decade is just insanity! Also I’ve been watching anime for more than 10 years. Should I...


In defense of clichés

***I’m still on vacation so this is another repost of one of my older posts – It’s one that I’ve always liked and not many people have seen it so I do hope you enjoy it. I should be back tomorrow*** Welcome to another instalment of Irina defends things that don’t need defending. I find...


I Got Your Back! Japanese Hangover Cures

***I’m on vacation so this is a repost of one of my older posts – I hope some of you will still enjoy it! I should be back by the end of the week!*** Don’t worry I’ll be quiet… I’ll even try to tone down the brightness of this post for you. There, better? It’s...