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Like I said in my review, which is linked above, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one still watching Pet so I’m going to keep doing these galleries cause I figure it’s the only way people are going to see it. Not that anyone reads these posts but it may show up on a Google image search when someone is thinking of buying a puppy or something.

I aim high!

We got to see little Satoru again so I got to appreciate once again how good the aging up of the character design is. It’s a little more one to one than I remembered it but I still really like it.

Also, I really like that last image. It’s a nice visual gag and it’s super relatable. I know I have been exactly where Satoru is in that image at least a dozen times.

As always, I made sure to get a screencap of the food. And it looks pretty good. I should really start adding edamame to ramen. This doesn’t have anything to do with the episode, I’m just a little hungry.

That pigeon looked almost too realistic for the show. It made me feel as if I had accidentally started playing Hatoful Boyfriend without realizing it. Which is totally something I would do. I loved that weird game.

or some reason, I really like that image of Hiroki wiping away his tears. I though it made him look so vulnerable which is not a design choice we often see for young male characters who are suppose to be a least somewhat menacing in the show. I don’t mean young male characters are supposed to be menacing, I just mean Hiroki is.

I fact the whole scene, bathed in the eerie aquarium lights with a teal filter over everything was a sequence I quite liked visually. It was more interesting than a lot of what the show has to offer and although it is still an odd and slightly disconcerting setting, it’s a lot more subtle than usual.

Of course we got another mindscape sequence but it was quite short. I actually put in all the more shocking images so as you can see, it still tries to hard but it’s getting better about it.

I don’t know what the deal is with the girl in the pink dress. I’m not sure if it’s a doll.

And there you go. Congratulations, you just watched the forth episode of Pet!

Pet anime ep4-8 (6)

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