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My Hero Academia s4 ep82- With Due Elegance

It’s cold right now in Montreal and people are freaking out. As if there was anything special about February in Montreal being cold… We do that every single year. Montrealers that is. Every year we get surprised that Canada gets cold in the winter and there’s snow. And in the summer we’re whining about how...


My Hero Academia s4 ep80- A Mild Cheese

We got somewhat buried in snow over the last few days. Actually, it’s not that impressive. It’s really a perfectly average amount of snow for February in Quebec and far from the huge snow storm they’ve been promising. In fact, it’s been sort of light on snow this year. In any case, it’s now a...


My Hero Academia s4 ep78 – Aftermath

So how do you follow up an episode like Bright Future? An unenviable task for sure. Last week’s My Hero Academia rocked me and essentially recontextualized the entire season for me. Potentially the entire series. It’s a much harsher and more uncompromising world that greets me this week, but also more empathic. One with real...