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Anime Winter 2019 – Week 5 Roundup!

I did something irresponsible…. Long story short, it’s almost Saturday right now. I have guest all day tomorrow so o blogging and I’m JUST starting this post. I need to be up in a few hours to clean and cook every food. And I’m JUST starting this post. I also need to post this in...


Top 5 Types of Anime Characters You Should Never Trust

If there’s one thing anime’s taught me, it’s that the entire world is essentially a den of lies and you should never ever trust anything or anyone! I lead a real fun life. It therefore goes without saying that you shouldn’t trust any anime characters but these 5 archetypes are particularly not to be trusted as...


For Valentine’s Day I Think I Figured Out My Weird Shipping Issues

We all know what shipping means, right? Ok, in case you got here while shopping for refrigerators or something, shipping is when fans of an anime (or anything really) decide to attribute a romantic relationship to two characters. Usually this relationship does not exist in the source material. Anime fans seem particularly notorious for this...


Saiyuki Reload Blast – Journey to the Middle

Genre : Action, fighting, supernatural Episodes: 12 Studio: Platinum Vision   Something has awakened. Something that’s been slumbering for a long time is beginning to stir and the shockwaves are being felt all over heaven and earth. Demons are getting restless and the attacks on innocent villages have become routine. Thankfully, the Sanzo party is here...


OWLS Blog Tour February 2019 – Best Beloved

OWLS are flying again! How are you all enjoying the 2019 tours so far? They’re great but you wish they had just a bit more Natsume? I hear you, and because I love you guys so much, I got you covered! 2nd Monthly Topic: “Adore” In February, we will be exploring love and romance. The...


The Promised Neverland Episode 5 –Castling

Castling is a special type of chess move. When castling, you simultaneously move your king and one of your rooks. The king moves two squares towards a rook, and that rook moves to the square on the other side of the king. Have you guys been looking forward to our next Promised Neverland discussion? I...


Anime Winter 2019 – Week 4 Roundup!

Hi guys, not much preamble this week. Instead let’s get to the anime! Week 4 should be when the people who stick to the 3 episode rule stat dropping anime eft and right so I’m a little worried this post will be a shadow of its former self  ut let’s just see what we got.


Top 5 DIY Posts I Really Should Write Already!

As I type this, I’ve published 695 posts on this blog (by the time this goes live, it will be well over 700). Exactly two of those posts are DIY posts or roughly 0.28%…. Yet I somehow never ever stop talking about those posts. It’s like I’m trying to convince myself I’m some type of...