We finally get Saki, Kuro and Kotoko together as the mystery behind the ghost idol is revealed. Now we’re left wondering what the characters will do about it. 9 more words

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Are you watching  In/Spectre? I don’t hear that much about it and I think that’s too bad. Fortunately you can see what Karandi thinks about episode 6, and me too! Just follow that link up there, yay!

Is my choice of feature image weird? It’s kinda weird. right…

Nanase is so deeply colour coded that she turns everything else onscreen pink and purple. And that’s a really aggressive shade of pink! I never thought about how pink can get aggressive but this one is! I also went a bit wild with the eyeball screencaps in this opening act. To be fair the show also does a lot of eye closeups for dramatic effect.

Seeing Saki actually looking scared and distraught was pretty striking. They did a good job mixing fear, sadness, concern maybe even a touch of disgust in her face and pause. That hand clasped over her mouth is very effective.

I really like the black and white and red aesthetic. But I know it’s a bit immature. As far as it goes it’s not a very sophisticated design choice and very on the nose. But I still like it and would probably have picked it as well. So there.! Although they might have missed an opportunity. It could have been cool if they had instead decided to incorporate flashes of that Nanase pink instead.

Kouro was a cute kids. Lots of flashbacks to kids in anime this week…

This is going to sound creepy, but I really liked the Yokai skeletons. I have always like anatomic drawings of imaginary creatures. Not that Yokai are imaginary…

Kouro and Kotoko’s reunion was a great scene. Everyone in this series has fantastic facial expressions. That adds a lot even to fairly mundane dialogue and I think it’s part of the reason all the characters have this palpable chemistry.

I also really like Kotoko’s cane as a design element. It clashes with the cute girl look which is interesting and it has some great animation options. Just the way Kotoko is stuck holding it as she extends her arms to Kuto makes the entire scene that much more awkward which was just perfect for the situation.

I didn’t expect that half chibi art style and I really liked it! I’m so easy to please, anything even a little easy going in design and I’m there for it!

The only real complaint I have about the look of the series is that with the exception of Nanase, I’m not crazy about the Yokai designs. They’re not very detailed or ornate and rather unimaginative in design. Granted a lot of them are constrained by existing designs but a lot of the show is very pretty and interesting except for the Youkai. That Kuchisake-onna was a big disappointment. It’s an urban legend I am fond of and this one was a bit lacklustre in my opinion.

All in all, another fun episode!

InSpectre ep5-7 (7)

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  1. Those chibis are adorable. I love that they include Kurou.

    For me, the youkai designs are mostly neutral, but I did like the snake and the giant skeleton.

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