For years I’ve been talking about having a shared blog and getting more bloggers on board this place. It just looks like fun and a great way to offer some variety to my readers, but I never took the time to put the project together. I did have a few collaborators, but nothing really laid out for interested parties.

A while ago, a post from Ayano on Kawaii Paper Pandas (read it here) had finally given me the kick in the butt I need.

See I always thought of it more as something fun for me, but I never really thought that it could be a way for other bloggers to promote their work and maybe find some different readers. I have always loved sharing blogs with you guys. It’s been one of my staples ever since I started this place and I try to do it as often as I can. So, I’m obviously going to pounce on a chance to do give bloggers another platform. I will still do discovery posts when I find new blogs though, the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

So, what is this little project? Well much like Ayano and Nesha before it’s simply opening up my blog to other writers that may want to contribute. The only difference though is that I’m not as well organized…also I relate to commitment issues…

Basically, you don’t need to be a regular contributor or sign up for multiple posts. No string attached. You most certainly can if you want to, but you don’t have to. Maybe you just have one piece you would like to publish but you don’t think it fits in with your own blog or something.  Or maybe you want to just try it out. Here are the very loose guidelines.

If you want to post on this blog, you can go about it in a few ways:

1) You can either send me the piece (through email or google docs and let me know on Twitter) and I’ll take care of everything else. (I.e. formatting, images and scheduling). I will never change any of your words without permission though. You can include a bio and/or shout out for your own blog if you want.

If you have a preference for the publication schedule, I would appreciate getting that info in advance just so I can coordinate properly.

2) You can let me know your interest and I can give you contributor rights so that you’ll be able to format your post on your own.


3) If you have a series of posts or a column and you would like to be a more regular presence, we can work out author or editor rights.


You can write about anything you want, almost. I have an anime blog, so my audience is mostly interested in that, but I don’t mind posts on any other topic. Moreover, I am opened to publishing posts on my blog that I do not agree with, but I might write response posts to outline my own opinion occasionally.

However, it’s important to me that my readers do not feel attacked by these posts, so I do reserve the right to not publish more aggressive or hateful posts. They wouldn’t fit all that well with the fluffy stuff I publish anyways. Also, whenever possible, if you use fanart please try to credit the original artist. I understand that sometimes it can be difficult to track down but if you can, please link back to them. There are so many wonderful artists out there and they deserve all the encouragement we can give them.

Otherwise, though, I have no strict format specification, no minimum or maximum word count and no engagement requirements.

I don’t know if anyone would be interested in this type of thing but it just always sounded like so much fun and it can be a way for new bloggers to experiment with posting on a different blog.

If you are interested, or if you’re interested in a collaboration or just want to chat, you can find me through my contact page or on Twitter: @Irina_The_Great

I’ll add this post as a link in the menu for future information.

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  1. Oh that sounds awesome! I might take you up on that offer once i have restored my laptop. Not sure if a Kohai can put something on Senpai’s blog according to etiquette but I will think on this!

    I had a post idea where I would be a shrink to an anime character or two.. they tell me some problem and I would help them deal with their issues in a more real world way..
    But I could see the format also working with a bartender idea where I give them a cocktail and do bar-talk!

    I think guest posting would be really neat! Since you are one of the biggest ani-bloggers in terms of following I think you have a great platform to pull it off!

    1. Oh wow. Psychoanalyzing anime characters sounds like a pretty sure way to go nuts. It also sounds really fun!

  2. Oh how very neat. I’m going to go the opposite way and say, if you find yourself swamped with guest posts, I wouldn’t mind helping out with the editing and formatting. If you feel like you’d like my assistance than you know where to find me.

    1. I could certainly use an editor for my own posts… I might take you up although I’m not sure anyone at all will want to send me posts

      1. Haha I don’t know you’re very popular, it’s always a great to have someone publish your work so I’m sure people would be honored to represent your site.

        Yeah, I mean I don’t think you really need it but if you ever need help I’d be glad to offer my support.

  3. Very cool that you are willing to post content you don’t agree with. A healthy debate is good. Good for the brain and for sharpening critical thinking skills. I sound so boring lol but that is my ideal of fun.

  4. Well….it’s a great idea! Definitely😊 I don’t think I am anywhere near your level though to have a post by me published on your blog😅😅 It’s daunting😅😅

    1. It’s true you are way above my level… As long as I get to read Raistlin’s posts somewhere, I’m pretty happy!

    1. you can just make a bunch of cryptic allusions to what happens in the future of some of my favourite series to freak me out…

  5. Great idea here. I don’t have any ideas for guest posts, but I’d love to send one in for your consideration if I think of a suitable one.

  6. Guest posting is fun & beneficial for both parties. Each time I have a guest blogger on my site I am really excited to read their articles and point of view.

    Actually I wanted to ask you if you accept guest posts before ~ I might hit you up with my guest article soon, Irina! 🙂

  7. I really like the idea and would love to contribute, either as a random contributor, or I could do a more regular thing as an anime science sort of colum, if you are interested in that sort of thing.

    1. I would be extremely interested in that sort of thing. The few pseudo science posts I have are my favourites and I always want to write more but they take me weeks to research so I never seem to get around to it. If you want to add some I would be grateful

      1. Awesome, I can do that. For me the biggest issue is finding anime and scenes to analyze. Of the top of my head there is a scene from Kara no Kyoukai Movie 5 that is perfect for cerebral aneurysm, or I have some notes from Gunbuster lying around that i can try and put together. Of course if you’ve got ideas, I am more than willing to do those.

        1. years I’ve been meaning to put together the blueprints for the Kiznaiver machine. I can reuse a bit of the research I did when I tried to DIY A Sybil system but there is ton left. I also wanted to see how and Evangelion – i.e. Biomecha ship would work and how it would be piloted. The fact that it requires teenagers makes me think there some endocrinology in there….

          1. I’ve never seen Kiznaver, is it any good. I’ve done a few EVA posts mainly on the LCL, and the size. Other than that it’s a hard one to dive into considering the psychology involved.

            What do you think about boruto because I think the latest issue of the manga has something with baryons and antimatter that I could write about.

      1. Well, I really enjoyed writing a blog post for Karandi back in the day. And my own blog’s appearance notwithstanding, I’m trying to get back into writing more. 😺

  8. This is a great initiative. I am not sure my meagre dealings with Anime or my Manga reviews are up to standard with the kind of high quality posts you or other blogs like yours bring out. Maybe once Im more clued up on all things I can always just link a post of yours to mine right?

    1. Pffth, don’t know which blog you’ve been reading but you are definitely up to par and then some. In any case, you are always welcome.

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