The mystery of the dead idol continues with Kotoko having a heart to heart with Kuro’s ex and some basic investigation going on. Join Irina and I as we discuss the latest happenings.

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Are you watching In/Spectre? It’s fun! You should see what Karandi and I had to say about it over on her blog! At the link up there. Cough.

And you know what else. I think it’s pretty. It’s fairly safe in the visual department. The show mostly sticks to anime basics but you know, basics are basics for a reason. And I really think it works in the context. And it makes for some pretty good screencaps.

The series of pictures of Kotoko with Kuro looking absolutely uninterested and ;almost in pain were one of my favourite parts of the episode and I laughed out loud. His facial expressions are just priceless.

I continue to think that Kotoko looks a little like Cardcaptor Sakura. And that is most definitely not a bad thing. I suspect that a lot of it has to do with the beret. Those puffy skirts don’t hurt either. I wonder if the designer chose some magical girl aesthetics on purpose. It would fit the character after all.

How can that giant skeleton look so frightening and friendly at the same time?

Nanase looks amazing with her bangs up like that.

Karandi and I dis not have the same appreciation for the details of Nanase’s career. The ridiculous magical girl show she use to star in seemed like it was quite something and those candy coloured stripes just seem to personify it so well.

It’s always surprising when In/Spectre throws in a very graphic scene. Don’t get me wrong, there has been consistent gore since the very first episode but somehow the tone is so light and fun that every single time I get lulled into a false sense of security and the violence shocks me. Which is a very good thing I suppose.

That very last image reminds me why Kotoko is he best.

When you think about it, not many shows that could be aimed at children are willing to show a small dead boy full of blood.

Saki also has some fantastic  fascia expression here. The show does that quite well in general. Faces are expressive but not in such an exaggerated way as to become …cartoonish(?)

InSpectre ep4-6 (3)

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