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Dr. Stone 2 Episode 1 – Starting With A Bang

This is my attempt at Kohaku. You’ll see, at some point in Dr. Stone 2 she’ll look exactly like this… Admittedly, I am an anime enthusiast. I just like it. So it’s not that surprising that I’m all excited about all these season premieres but honestly, with one exception, everything I’ve watched so far this...


Dr. Stone Episode 24 – Conversations With Dead People

This is the second time I reference my favourite Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode on this blog and it probably won’t be the last. It made a pretty big impact on me and it’s a wonderful title. One that I would not assign to anything unless I judged it worthy. I sound so full of...


Dr. Stone Episode 23 – High Five

Can you believe there’s only one episode left of Dr. Stone? I’m really going to miss this show. I do hope it gets a second season because it was a really fun ride and I’m not sure it got the credit it deserves. Then again, I’m a bit anime clueless so maybe it’s the biggest...


Dr. Stone Episode 22 – Cringy

I am so happy it’s Friday! It’s so cold outside. I plan to snuggle up in the fluffiest blankie I can find get some yummy food and just cocoon this weekend. I’ve been dreaming about this weekend all day and Dr, Stone was a great way to start it!


Dr. Stone Episode 21 – Warm Wishes

I have said in the past that I like Christmas a lot but I’m not crazy about Christmas episodes. Not sure why. They just rarely end up entertaining me. But this one, it really snuck up on me there. Airing it in November was a nice touch too. So how do I feel about Christmas...


Dr. Stone Episode 20 – Sweet and Fluffy

Right now Dr. Stone is sneaking up on me. I know that I enjoy the show, I consistently have fun watching it and when an episode ends I start looking forward to the next. And yet, it’s as if I suffer from some weird form of anime amnesia (animesia?) and every Friday I’m yet again...


Dr. Stone Episode 19 – Tsukasa the Beloved

On Fridays I watch Dr. Stone and Fire Force so this Friday was just chalk full of Fire and Fury! I’m not sure if it’s a weird combo. I feel like not that many people are watching both of these even if they do have a lot of elements in common. I went off on...