Wow, that last episode sure sneaks up on you. I didn’t realize the season was over until I saw it was episode 12. And the ending did feel sort of like a finale. But the season generally flew by. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken is one of those shows I feel like I don’t really…

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As much as I enjoyed this show, I’m not gonna lie, having one less episode review and gallery to do every week is gonna come as a bit of a relief. Still it was a beautiful series so let’s see it one more time!

By now pointing out creative visual touches in Eizouken is rather redundant so instead I’m going to focus on how great the girls look all ragged and exhausted. I particularly like Doumeki. I’m a little tired just looking at them. It’s amazing what a few lines can do… Well in a way they’re all lines but you know what I mean!

Remember kids, social distancing!

This was yet another Comiket scene. It seems many anime have basically this exact scene and surprisingly, Eizouken was pretty standard. I say surprisingly because this show is usually creative with their visuals but they decided to keep it very traditional this time. And it sort of works. It evoked a nostalgia for the event, even though I have never been, just because I recognized it from so many different shows!

You don’t see it super well in my screencaps but Midori’s place is sort of dilapidated. I,m not sure why. And we haven’t seen her parents or brother since episode 1. I admit, this show doesn’t really stay in my brain too much so maybe they told us that she’s living on her own as a poor student and I just forgot about it but if not, what’s the deal? It’s so weird!

I leave you all on the scene of the blue robot flying above the city because it was my favourite!

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken ep12-5 (4)

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