The plot thickens by the end of episode 8 in The Case Files of Jeweler Richard. Relationships come to a head in what is arguably the most dramatic episode yet.

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Awww yeah – we’re now publishing galleries the same week as the episode aired! Amazing! Are you proud of me. I’m proud of me!

I guess technically this episode aired last week but the next one hasn’t aired…yet. It counts. Celebration is still on!

What type of hotel has such a poo coloured pillow case. You don’t want to rest your head on that. That’s not relaxing. I get that they have this coffee colour scheme going but that’s still a very bad idea.

The sunset scene on the balcony has such great lighting. The backgrounds and light in The Case Files of Jeweler Richard are so flat that any deviation is very striking. To me at least. That’s why the red Shiseido store a few episodes ago really stick out to me.

Richard is prettier face on than in profile. That’s sort of unusual for an anime character. They usually have great profiles.

I really liked the 3 brothers together. I know Richard is actually their cousin but the family resemblance is still very obvious. Also Henry was the hottest brother. I’m not even pretending I have something insightful to say anymore…

Richard’s family home is by far the most interesting and elaborate backgrounds of the entire series.

We’re back to the straight side views of Richard and Seigi without any perspective slant. Cause they’re o.k. again! I might be imagining the significance of the angles but you know what, you gotta find your interests where you can.

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard ep10-6 (7)


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