Irina and Karandi are back to discuss our thoughts on episodes 7 and 8 of In/Spectre as the case of Steel Lady Nanase heats up. We’re dealing with a ghost conjured from a collective imagination and it is taking a lot of effort to find a way to defeat it.

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I apologize in advance, this is going to be a really huge, really long to load post. I’ve saved up two week’s worth of screencaps and now they’re all here for you! YAY! Sorry again.

And if you missed it, you should go check out what Karandi and I had to say about the episodes, at the link above. And now, let’s see them pretty pictures:


I mentioned it in the review but without the prosthetics, Kotoko goes from a lovely and appealing character design to a uniquely striking one while remaining just as lovely. I actually missed out on a couple of great images in this scene but still you get the idea.  can’t recall anything that quite compares to this design and in a show with repetitive but enjoyable visuals which I happen to like a lot, this is probably my favourite so far.

To me there was something of a parallel between the void of Kotoko’s missing eye and Nanase’s missing…face.

Unfortunately, once Kotoko got “reassembled” the visuals got much more mundane. Not bad by any means but it was a fairly long scene and all the caps I got looked more or less the same.

I do really like how the close-up of Kotoko’s eye looks like glass. I’m pretty sure that is in fact her glass eye and the effect is on purpose which is cool. That eye shine isn’t quite right because there’s no texture or elevation difference between the iris and the sclera. It’s a very nice touch, I have to admit I may not have noticed it at all if it wasn’t for the still. This paragraph will be hilarious if we find out that’s her real eye…

These were the only images I kept of the closing tag of episode 7. I didn’t quite know what to make of her design. It’s one of those things where all the characters in the show are telling me she’s incredibly beautiful and it’s a bit odd to me because I prefer the other designs. Not that I don’t like Rikka’s it’s just… Kotoko….


I really like the subtle differences between young and older Saki. I’m pretty sure I’m imagining half of them and it’s really just the hair but to me she use to be a bit paler, her features ever so slightly more rounded, her eyebrows less defined. OIt works. She actually looks a few years younger to me. Impressive. It’s though to illustrate such a slight age difference.

Kotoko makes the best faces. Although Kuro is a good match for her.

I really enjoyed this flashback sequence. And we finally got a proper look at Rikka. No one mentions it ever but Rikka is really thin. Like almost skeletal. It’s a purposefully unsettling design yet all the characters only repeat that she’s very pretty. This makes her such an oddity and I think it’s an excellent choice. The audience just can’t get completely comfortable looking at her even though she’s being perfectly lovely. That’s exactly what you want for this character. Once again, smart design.

Let me just say, Kuro’s faces of exasperation and borderline disgust were hilarious!

Kotoko’s hat actually changes her a lot. I’m not sure which I like most. I guess it depends on the situation.

Why do ghost kitties have ghost bandages. Generally why do ghost get ghost versions of clothes and accessories? I’m getting off track.

Rikka and Kotoko create an excellent contrast. Not only in their somewhat complementary colours (hair, eyes and even clothes) but in the shapes. Rikka is all length and straight lines, spiky hair sticking outward. She gives the impression on grace and frailty and a touch of majesty. While Kotoko, despite being a “goddess of wisdom” is all soft rounded shapes, pouffy dresses, fluffy hair and cute short frame. Even while missing limbs she oozes vitality, yet comes off as innocent and childish despite the weight of her position. Both characters have their own charms but I really like seeing them directly contrasted. I hope we get to see them share a scene in the future.

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  1. I never noticed in the show, but the screenshots make it clear: Kotoko is so awesome that she can emote with her glass eye. (How do those pupils contract; is that a miniture screen with a chip inside that reads her emotions? Is it possessed by subservient youkai? One wonders.)

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