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Only one episode to go. Although I’m really getting into the story, to a baffling degree really, I can’t pretend the visuals are particularly special. In fact, part of the improvement in the series came with a certain calming down of the action which means less drastic and weird images. Still, I don’t hate the art in Pat. I don’t love it. It has it’s moments.

Hiroki looks sort of adorable as a half fish here. It’s not always successful when the show makes him into a merman but I think erring on the side of adorable was a good move.

Water Tsukasa remains a great design but once you’ve seen it a couple of times, it sort of looses its oumph. Know what I mean? One of us really should.

Since the flashback this episode was an actual straight flashback, rather than going through someone’s memories that is. As such, the visuals were just as straight forward. If it wasn’t for how much younger Hiyashi looks, you wouldn’t be able to tell it wasn’t just normal events occurring chronologically. This show isn’t super daring with art but the director is solid. They do some great things with the way the camera swings around and the scenes are framed.

The constant inter-cutting of sunny but progressively dimmer far flashbacks, with an older Hiyashi writing in what appears to be a jungle shack flashbacks made this an interesting sequence, especially in the way the colour palettes were stacked. It’s hard to tell from the screencaps though.

I like Hiroki, I always like an excuse to post screen caps of him!

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