In/Spectre offers a few delighting moments this week as its plot thickens.

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Even though In/Spectre wasn’t that visually interesting, I’m going to miss Kotoko’s adorable character design. In/Spectre is proof that a great character design can really take you far!

As soon as Nanase was gone (or rather the Steel Lady), the Yokai green came back. This time with a celebratory wash of gold but it’s definitely that traditional atmospheric green we’ve seen throughout the series whenever Yokai showed up. It’s nice that they’ve kept up with the colour coding.

I really like Saki’s uniform even though I think pencil skirts are super inconvenient for any type of physical work. They’re great if you sit at a desk all day but if you»’re out on patrol, a nice little tennis skirt would be way easier to move in. That would make for some really interesting uniforms!

The scene between Saki and Kuro was almost bafflingly neutral and the visuals followed. It was a very basic set up with basic framing and colours. The only interesting aspect was setting the camera further back from the character by playing two empty seats between our point of view and them. I guess it could be a way to symbolically illustrate the growing distance between the characters?

Rikka in flashback has a cool midnight blue wash. That’s a colour code we haven’t seen yet. If they are setting us up for a second season, that’s an interesting add. The strongest visual aspect that has been upkept throughout the series is the colour coding so adding in a new one in the last episode could be a clue of more to come.

The size difference between Kotoko and Kuro is a bit unsettling. It’s not great dating someone whose elbow you come up to. It’s a huge pain in the neck! I really like Kotoko and Kuro together, they have great chemistry and I was thrilled to see them share the screen once again. But they look weird as a couple. Their designs are just not complementary. Oh well.

They didn’t say it but when talking about how desperate Rikka was to get back to normal (to regain her mortality), I thought that maybe the very emaciated character design is actually a clue that she might have been starving herself in an attempt to damage her eternal body.

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  1. I had not thought about how emaciated Rikka is but that is a really good point. She clearly hates herself and wants to die. Like many people who suffer from self hatred, she also hates everyone else and would like to take as many as she can with her when she goes. She is totally a mass murderer in the making. Overall I liked the tone of this last episode. Enough so that I would watch a second season if we get one. I really want to know about those missing years, but I guess they plan to dribble that to us in flashbacks, since there is likely to be ongoing Rikka drama.

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