OMG, I might get this episode review of Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken out before the next episode airs! I know it doesn’t sound super impressive but it’s been a surprisingly rare accomplishment for me. 32 more words

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Still on track…I got the review out on 100 word anime before the next episode aired… I had actually scheduled it for Wednesday but for some reason it didn’t publish and I have limited access in Karandi’s blog so I don’t get the same sort of feed back when something goes wrong with a post.

In any case, it’s published now so we should get the gallery out!

Visually, this was one of the funnest episodes of Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken because it was all over the place. I mean just look at the opening sequence. We have nigh time, daytime, and sunset lighting in just a few minutes. There are three very different colour schemes. The yellow wash, the classic blue theme of the school set scenes which make up the bulk of the series and expanded earth tones for the teacher scene. Not impressed yet? Don’t worry, there’s more!

See SEE!!! Does it look like random clips from a whole bunch of different episodes? Maybe even from a few different series mixed in there? But there not! All of these screen caps are from this one episode of Eizouken and taken in a fairly short span of time. But it isn’t a random picture montage either. All of these scenes smoothly transition from one to another. You got to be a little impressed, right????

Fine then, how about this. Don’t young Midori and Kanamori look different than they do now. Like pretty different. You can tell it’s a flashback. But how? They’re character designs are essentially the same. Sure Kanamori doesn’t seem to be wearing glasses yet but she almost never actually wears her glasses. They’re more of a head band really. The school uniforms are different but they looked unusual even in their gym suits. I suspect their features may have been tweaked so slightly that I can’t tell without overlaying them but it may be in my head. Either way, good trick. The artists were either able to craft the illusion of youth so subtlety that’s it’s almost imperceptible and hits you as a feeling rather than an image, or they have made me go insane which is also impressive, I think.

And yet again, we jump through many art styles and animation techniques all in a few minutes. Although the narrative itself was pleasant but on par for everything Eizouken has been so far, visually episode 11 was a breakneck journey through everything the show has to offer.

I mean, I’m impressed…

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken ep11-8 (1)
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  1. Eizouken‘s just great with visuals. I don’t really know what else to say, since I’ve thought so pretty much from episode 1. Only Hanako-kun can keep up with interesting visuals this season, and it’s certainly not as diverse this show.

    1. It has great art and angles. If they have a second season, I hope they explore animation techniques. I bet they could make something really interesting with that

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