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OMG, we did it. I don’t have any more episode reviews published on 100 Word Anime that don’t have a gallery.  I do have a few scheduled so that won’t last but let me savour this brief moment of victory!

Pet isn’t a bad looking show. It’s a little lacklustre and doesn’t always choose it’s imagery very well but it’s not ugly. However, the art is super inconsistent and that is by far my biggest complaint. Obviously this is a series on a budget that’s desperatly trying to look slick and it just doesn’t work.

The biggest problem is that this is a series that plays with timelines and reality. So if you can’t reliably tell who’s who from the art work then it adds a layer of doubt and confusion that this show really doesn’t need. Cheap production values can be overlooked for the most part but not when it’s actually hurting the plot.

À propos of nothing, I strongly dislike yellow and purple combinations. Always have. Not sure why. I don’t mind red and green but yellow and purple, yuck.

Ohhh slight fisheye effect – fancy! Very on brand for the show!

I did like how Satoru’s door twisted to ensnare Hiroki’s fish. It was fun to watch and well animated. Sadly, that’s pretty much all I have to say about this sequence.

Pet aime ep11-5 (6)

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