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I’m not going to lie, writing 7 days a week for this blog and 4 days a week for 100 word anime plus these gallery posts has been a real challenge for me. Especially as I’m working some of the longest hours I ever have. Getting to the last episode of some of these shows is a bit of a relief. Still, I’m sure my Thursday nights are going to be just a touch lonelier without a calm beautiful blond man to keep me company.

Wherever will I find another?

I don,t think I’ve ever mentioned it somehow, but I particularly like Seigi’s eye colour. There’s a bit of burgundy and a touch of amethyst in there yet still looks like a possible if very unique brown. I’ve been looking over my anime eyes gallery in Pinterest lately, and I have no screencaps of a colour that even compares. It’s really lovely.

I finally looked it up and the director is Iwasaki, Tarou. He seems to have done mostly episode direction but he did helm Sweetness and Lightning which had a pretty nice reception. I didn’t watch it though so I can’t say if this is his ding or if the entire crew contributed to the consistently interesting camera angles, framing and shot composition.

Generally speaking, the way elements are disposed of in the frame is particularly good in Jeweler Richard. It’s often adventurous but never so exaggerated as to take you out of the moment. What’s more, it’s repeated often enough to be used as a visual queue and piece of non verbal story telling.

Fire force had some amazing composition. Some of the best I had seen in a long time. But Fire Force was always very flashy. It was part of the aesthetic. The actual compositions in Richard may be just as good but a lot more understated. And unfortunately, the other visual elements are occasionally rather weak which hurts the visual impact a lot.

You know what else is kind of cool. Richards suits all look the same, but they’re not. There are subtle differences. In fact none of the characters are singular wardrobe characters. It’s a small touch but it’s not that common and I appreciate it. With a lot of anime being set in schools, of course the characters are going to be wearing the same uniform every day. Then we get all excited when we see them in street clothes! Still fashion can be an important part of world building and I like that it has been used here.

Richards suits are all different but all tailored and all in the same colour scheme. Because he’s a finicky control freak. He unbuttons his jacket when he sits down and rebuttons it whenever he gets up to not ruin the line. Seigi wears soft comfortable fabrics usually with a rounded neck and multiple layers. Because he’s an easygoing and laid back character that’s a little guarded. stuff like that.

At the end of the day, The Case Files of Jeweler Richard was an alright looking show with a few surprisingly good elements which is basically what I have to say about the series itself.

Also Seigi’s hair looks weird that way. That seems like a good note to end it on.

The Case Files of Jewler Richard ep12-7 (3)


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  1. I never looked up the director. I’m assuming he’s responsible for the shot composition, since the only thing other than directing he seems to be doing is the storyboards. I actually have a good track record with the shows he’s directed, and I can say that Richard is my least favourite of his. Here they are, in order:

    Isshukan Friends: This is a very pretty show. Very simple character designs (and thus easy to animate [I think]; versatile), but very pretty colours and backgrounds. I have the DVDs, and they included an art booklet, so I’ve seen the set without the characters in them, too.

    Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku: I don’t remember much about the visuals. I do remember I liked the colours a lot.

    Sweetness and Lightning: Nice attention to detail. I remember a clip making the rounds of the kid (who’s name I’ve forgotten) fiddling with a zipper.

    Richard: Example present. Disappointing backgrounds. I hadn’t considered the shot composition, but you’re right – that often carries the scene.

    Seigi’s final hairdo reminded me of a sea urchin (when seen from the front).

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