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Creating header images for my posts may have become my new favourite thing. I have to figure out how to make it work with gifs. Although that might be dangerous. I could be tempted to just start creating headers without necessarily writing posts to go with them. Could be funny too though.

The opening act of episode 10 of Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken had some really great camera angles. Aside for the odd raised head poses that might be a trope I don’t really get, the camera went out of it’s way to angle up or down, use fish eye and just unusual directions to make characters look just a little different. It created this fake tension that was so playful. Good directing there. I really liked it!

In fact playful is really the best way to describe all the visuals during this episode. The montage ( have you noticed how often Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken uses montages. It’s often…) was filled with great imagery and endearing visual gags from Tsubane. Humour doesn’t always have to be mean-spirited, seeing the girls look silly while trying their best is funny in an inspiring kind of way.

I really like how many colour palettes they went through during those scenes. Everything at school is very blue and that’s the usual palette we see so it was pretty fun to see them jump through so many different gradients in just a few scenes.

I’m not sure why Kanamori with a beanie makes me so happy but it just does.

I noticed that the sunsets in Eizouken are always really yellow. Not orange or red or those cool aurora borealis effects they sometimes add in anime. Just very intensely yellow and warm. I noticed a very similar tendency in Granblem. I wonder if it’s a new trend. From now on anime sunsets are super yellow. I’m not against it. I like how it conveys the feeling of a hot summer evening. I do like variety though.

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  1. I’d forgotten about Granbelm’s yellow sunsets. I wouldn’t mind if that’s a new trend. It’s pretty.

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